Thursday, November 10, 2011

Mandom Corp Bloggers Party + Complimentary Bifesta Make-up Cleanser for You!

Weeks ago, I attended a bloggers party organised by Mandom Corporation, the company that holds brands like Gatsby, Lucido-L, Bifesta (previously known as Cleansing Express) and Kiss Me Heroine Make Makeup. Thank you Mikki for the invitation! :)

For the start, we were introduced to the latest haircare product launched under Lucido-L, the Lucido-L Hair Make Supplement. The packaging is small and cute!
What is so good about this new product? 
Because this product contains +CMC. CMC will not cause damage to your hair, instead it makes your hair softer, manageable and easier for hair styling. 
(The pictures below will give you a better understanding of how great this product is.) 
A breakthrough in haircare! I will try it soon and share my review. :)

Lucido-L has other well known haircare products which are easily available in Watsons stores.

Next, we were introduced to Bifesta. I'm sure many of you have already known the brand Cleansing Express, am I right? Mandom Corp gave Cleansing Express a rebranding so that the name Bifesta is able to leave a deep impression in people. "Bi" means beauty and "festa" means festival in Japanese. Every day is a beautiful festival for everyone. :)

Bifesta is well known for their makeup removers that works just like water, easily removes your makeup yet not harsh on your skin and does not leave residue on your skin. Their product are famous in Japan and Singapore, and they have received various awards for their makeup removers.
Why is Bifesta Makeup removers so good and so popular among ladies like us?
 This chart below will give you more info about how can you choose the makeup remover suitable for your skin and the effectiveness of their makeup removers.
You can try Bifesta make-up cleanser by redeeming a massive 30ML makeup cleanser/remover:
2. Click Free Sample tab under the Bifesta profile picture
3. Fill up the registration details and quote “Yvonne” for the password
4. Click Submit and the sample will be mailed directly to you

Redeem yours now!

Last but not least, we were introduced to Kiss Me Heroine Make Makeup!
Two lovely makeup artiste from Japan came specially to Singapore to introduce Kiss Me Heroine Make products and did a simple demonstration on how Kiss Me Heroine Make makeup work to make us look beautiful. 

Here are some of the Kiss Me Heroine Make Makeup available in Singapore's market.

Thanks for reading and remember to redeem your Bifesta make-up cleanser.

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