Monday, October 3, 2011

Review: Leaders Clinic I.P.L WhiteLux Ampoule Mask

Hi everyone, sorry for the lack of update here. Hope you can bear with this for a while more as I try to find time to blog more often. :)

By the way, as the title speaks it all, the item that I am going to share my review is the Leaders Clinic I.P.L WhiteLux Ampoule Mask. I believe many of us have heard a lot about Leaders Clinic facial masks and a lot about the goodness of it, but truly speaking, I wasn't very tempted to try it initially as I already have lots of facial masks piling at home, plus Leaders Clinic facial masks do not come cheap at our local pharmacy outlets.

That was until I was approached by Joyce from Joy Pharm to give Leaders Clinic facial masks a try. I took quite some time to think whether I should accept this or not as I'm not very sure when will my hands ever reach out to this facial masks when there are lots of varieties to choose from my masks pile. Nevertheless, I am now glad to say that I have tried Leaders Clinic facial mask! :)

Joyce sent me a parcel with a sweet note. Thank Joyce, I really appreciate it! ;)

One of the facial masks she sent me was the Leaders Clinic I.P.L WhiteLux Ampoule Mask. I.P.L stands for Intense Perfection Light which Dermatologist uses to make skin brighter. 

Here's a little description and ingredients list for this facial mask.
If you find the above description too tiny for reading, here's what it says: Stable vitamin C-AA2G that overcame the limitations of vitamin C, arbutin with excellent whitening effect, and mulberry bark extract brighten and whiten dark and dull skin. With the use of silky continuous filament fiber cellulose sheet, it adheres to the skin without bubbling, and it contains an entire bottle of highly concentrated ampoule to enhance the effect of supplying nutrients to the skin while maximizing hydration of the skin.

An ampoule is a small sealed vial to preserve a sample and in this case, it is the I.P.L WhiteLux that the facial mask is well soaked with.
 Shown above is the amount of I.P.L WhiteLux in a piece of 25ml facial mask. Ampoule comes in a very concentrated form, so I believe the amount of 72.25mg is sufficient for the skin. By the way, Leaders Clinic facial masks are dermatologist tested to be safe for use on skin.

Shown below is the material of the facial mask, which is unlike normal cotton facial masks, this facial mask is very much thinner, and it has very tiny holes on it. This is my first time trying a facial mask of such material.

Here's how the facial mask looks like on my face. You can see my skin right through the facial mask.
The facial mask is a little big and loose for my forehead area and the sides of my face as I do not have a very round face, and my forehead isn't very tall or round either. But I would say that the facial mask clings on very well on my face without any slipping off. The essence does not drip too.

After 20mins, it's time to take off the mask and check my skin condition.
My thoughts: My skin became very well hydrated with my pores visibly smaller by a lot. After removing the mask, I realised my sister kept staring at my face, so I asked her what is she looking at? She commented that my skin looks very well hydrated and very smooth. It is funny when she kept turning her head to stare at my face. :) After using the facial mask, I also noticed that the uneven shades on my skin looks much more even out and my skin looks more luminous and radiant. The facial mask did not result in my skin looking as white as Casper but it did give me a healthier glow and well-hydrated skin. However, the downsides of this mask is that the excess essence left on my skin isn't easily absorbed, resulting in a little stickiness on my skin. After the essence dried out, I felt that it left a little powdery texture on my skin which I've never experience with any facial masks before. The effects of the mask wasn't able to last for long too. 

My rating: 3.5/5

If you are interested in Leaders Clinic facial masks, you might want to check out Joy Pharm as Joyce offers reasonable prices for authentic products. She sells various other Korean skincare and beauty products too!

Thanks for reading and hope you have enjoyed reading this review! :)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Joy Pharm, Singapore. Review published here is based on my own experience and opinion. I am not getting paid for sharing this review.

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