Sunday, October 16, 2011

Laneíge Makeover By Korean Celebrity Makeup Artiste, Mr. Park Min Hyuk

It was my privilege to invited for a makeover session by Korean Celebrity Makeup Artiste, Mr. Park Min Hyuk. He is the Makeup Artiste for Song Hye Gyo. OMG!
I was so excited for the makeover as this was my first time getting a makeover by a Korean Celebrity Makeup Artiste. Thank you Laneíge!

I arrived at Laneíge counter with very minimal makeup, only my concealer and light foundation. Upon arrival, I was introduced to Isabelle and Cindy from Laneíge and not forgetting Mr. Park and his interpreter Julie.

Isabelle gave me a short introduction about Laneige latest range, the Laneige Perfect Renew which I will be sharing in a later post.

Now it's time for my makeover! ^_^
Since I already had basic makeup on my face, Mr. Park started with my eyebrows using Laneíge Natural Brow Liner Auto Pencil in Mocha Brown. Retailing at S$26.
I asked Mr. Park some questions while he was doing my makeup and Julie the pretty Korean interpreter helped to us to converse as I can't understand Korean. Did you realise that Mr. Park drew a thick eyebrow for me? Yup, Mr. Park said that thicker eyebrow makes a person looks youthful but please don't use black eyebrow liner alright?

Next, Mr. Park used Laneige Multi Professional Shadow Palette for my eyelids. He used white highlight, light blue and dark blue on my eyelids. Laneige Multi Professional Shadow Palette is retailing at S$43.00.
I asked Mr. Park what are the popular eyeshadow shades in Korea for the Autumn/Winter season and he told me brown and neutral colours are popular colours used By Korean ladies all year round even for Autumn/Winter season.

Mr. Park used black eyeshadow as eyeliner instead of liquid eyeliner as eyeshadow helps to create a softer, more natural look.
That's Julie! She's very pretty! Julie was explaining to me why Korean ladies love to draw thick winged eye makeup.

After my eye makeup was done, instead of using a brush to dust off the fallen glitters from the eyeshadow, Mr. Park applied a thin layer of foundation under my eyes to the upper cheek areas. Mr. Park used Laneige White Plus Renew Dual Foundation SPF41 PA++, S$55.00.
Next, Mr. Park curled my lashes and applied the Laneige Perfect Lash Mascara, S$32.00.

After I'm done with the eye makeup, Mr. Park used Laneige Professional Selection Blusher, S$39.00 on my cheeks.
I love the pinkish shade of the blusher but Mr. Park layered too much on my cheeks such that it turned out really red, so he used white highlight powder to tone down the redness of the blusher. I've learnt a tip from him! Use a white highlight powder works excellent in helping to tone down the redness of your blusher. Try it! 

I've also asked Mr. Park the blusher shades that Korean ladies love to use. I love the cheek colour used on Korean actresses and I'm very eager to know the shades they use.
The popular shades in Korean are rather similar to Singapore and most countries which are sweet pink and coral but the most important thing is to use the shade that complements your skin colour.

For my lips, Mr. Park used Laneige Lip Treatment, S$30.00 followed by Laneige Styling Lip Duo, S$32.00. Laneige Styling Lip Duo consists of both lipstick and lipgloss in one. The product comes in the sleek tube form and Mr. Park Min Hyuk used the lightest pink shade in the range. Nude, pink and coral shades are the most popular lip colours in Korea.
(I'm sorry that I don't have a picture of Laneige Styling Lip Duo.)

Here's my look after the makeover. 
The makeup is gorgeous and I love it a lot! Thank you Mr. Park! ^_^

After my makeup, I asked Mr. Park about vibrant eyeshadow colours and eyeshadow palettes that have contrasting colours. I'm interested to know the ways to apply brighter colours.
Use the lightest shade as base colour on the whole eyelid to the brow bone area. Use a slightly darker shade on the whole eyelid and the darkest shade on the outer area. The vibrant/contrasting colour is to be applied at the centre area of your eyelid to give your eyes the pop! It will brighten your whole look.

Here's my makeup after 6 hours. My makeup still look as good except for the eyeshadow on my inner eyelid which had creases due to my greasy eyelids.

Thank you Laneíge for giving me the opportunity to get my makeup done by Mr. Park and thank you Mr. Park for the awesome makeover! ^_^


  1. You look great! Seems like you had a really fun makeover. I can't believe you got to meet the makeup artist for Song Hye Gyo!

  2. The blusher! I must check that out in counters! :)

  3. Yes!!! The blusher colours are very pretty!!! You have to swatch the colours when you visit Laneige counter. You will love it, definitely! I adore the wide range of colours available in a single blush, so you can blend the colours according to your preference too! ^_^

  4. Yvonne, how did you like the eyebrow pencil?

  5. Hi BooBooNinja, I think the eyebrow pencil is pretty good as the colour didn't come out very intense, so you can layer the colour to suit your preference. The colour of the eyebrow pencil is also easy to blend out giving your eyebrow the natural look. The colour also managed to last on my eyebrow without fading for long hours despite all the perspiration.

    Hope I've helped. :)


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