Monday, October 24, 2011

Event: World Runway Premiere!! Se7en Performed there TOO!

(I'm sorry that this post was published so late but I do hope you guys will still enjoy it. =))

*Photos and Videos included in this post*

World Runway Premiere was like a fashion runway competition between 8 countries; Brazil, France, Italy, Japan, Russia, Singapore, UK, and USA. There were 2 rounds in this runway. The theme for Round 1 was Street-Chic Style and free-style for Round 2.

Below are the judging categories.
 Styling, Make-Up, Hair, Walking, Uniqueness, Team Presentation, Creative Visionary. 

I'm going to share the photos and videos that I've managed to take during the World Runway. Enjoy! ^_^

Before the start of Round 1, we had 2 of Singapore Mediacorp Artiste to walk the runway.

Ok People! Let the Runway start NOW! 
(Other than seeing the outfits, remember to see their make-up, shoes and accessories too!)

Brazil Round 1 

France Round 1 

Italy Round 1 

Japan Round 1 

Russia Round 1

Singapore Round 1 (Full Process)

UK Round 1  

The 4 countries that went into the Round 2 (which is also the Final Round) were UK, France, Japan and Singapore. The other 4 countries that did not make it through to the Final Round were given the opportunity to participate in the Final Round with the 4 selected countries, so in the end, UK and Italy form a team, France and USA, Japan and Russia, Singapore and Brazil.

UK Final Round (Full Process)

France Final Round (Full Process)

Japan Final Round (It's not the full clip as I accidentally deleted the front part. I'm Sorry!)

Singapore Final Round (Full Process)

Before the announcement of the results, it's time for Se7en! ^_^

After the awesome runway shows and wonderful performance by Se7en, it's
time for the announcement of the results!

UK emerged as the winner! =)

Congrats UK!!! ^_^

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