Friday, October 7, 2011

ELLE and DIOR Event Cum Workshop

I had the opportunity to attend this ELLE and DIOR Event Cum Workshop quite some time back and here I am, sharing about what when on at the event.

We had the opportunity to see the newly launched Dior Singapore's first Facial Skincare Suite.
The suite is quite spacious and there isn't any basin or tap inside because Dior uses distilled water throughout your facial treatment in the suite. They have only one of such suite there to give you the exclusive and pampered feel while you are having your treatment.

After that, ELLE beauty editor gave us a speech about what's in the trend for this Autumn/Winter Seasons. Bright outfits, cute accessories and smokey eyes makeup are in for this Autumn/Winter Seasons.

Next, we have Dior makeup professional teaching us how we can apply our skincare followed by makeup, and along the session, we were introduced to various Dior skincare and makeup products which I will be sharing in this post.

I won't be going through the whole procedure of the demonstration as it will make my post very long-winded, so I will keep it short and share those important/highly recommended introduced to us at the session.

The Dior Capture Totale One Essential.
This product is to be applied on the whole face except the eye area. It is said to be help detox the toxins under your skin and after using for a period of time, making your skin look healthier and rejuvenated. It also works as an anti-aging serum to give your skin the boost. If you would like to know more information about this product, you may check out this link:

This one essential comes in a opaque form and the texture is somewhere between liquid and gel, so you can see from the photo above that it spreads out smoothly on the skin. The product feels a little sticky when it is first applied to the skin but after the product has been absorbed into the skin, the stickiness was gone and you can get a matte looking skin which feels smoother to touch.

The Dior Capture Totale Eyes Essential.
This product was highly recommended to people with tired-looking eyes and eyes with signs of aging. This product is applied around the eye contour area for a proven correction of the visible signs of aging and fatigue (puffiness and dark circles).
The texture of the Eyes Essential is somewhere between gel and cream, so it feels denser than the One Essential shared above but not too creamy that it feels heavy on the eyes. Even though it feels sticker than One Essential but it got absorbed by the skin rather fast too, and there's really no uncomfortable feeling on the eyes after application. This product has a very nice floral scent too.

The DiorSkin Radiant Base SPF 20 PA+. It is the skin-refining pro-lighting makeup base.
This makeup base comes in 2 shades, No. 001 rosy shade to enhance the radiance of "blue" skin tones and the No. 002 golden shade for "yellow" skin tones.
This makeup base comes in a liquid form and after application, it instantly illuminates the skin. It contains Halo Pearls that have the ability to diffuse the light in all directions, so the skin appears instantly refined and imperfections are blurred. This makeup base is also infused with emollient agents that soften the upper layers of the epidermis to prepare the skin for foundation application.

The DiorSkin Forever Foundation. Flawless Prefection Fusion Wear Makeup, SPF 25 PA+++ .
There are various shades available at Dior counter. My skin shade is actually No. 020  but because my neck appears fairer, so No. 010 was recommended to me. This foundation is infused with skincare essence, so it acts like a tailor-made solution to satisfy the skin's needs. The skincare essence delivers its matifying and hydrating ingredients to the skin where they are specifically needed.
The foundation comes in a fluid, slight powdery form. After application, the foundation gives the skin a smooth and even, delicately velvety touch. The shade of the foundation matches my skin well.

The DiorSkin Forever Compact. Flawless Prefection Fusion Wear Makeup, SPF 25 PA+++ .
I find that the shade of the Compact No. 020 matches really well with the No. 002 DiorSkin Radiant Base. The Compact is rather similar to the Foundation as both contain the Skincare essence that helps to give your skin an absolutely perfect complexion all day long.
Here's how the powder looks like after applying onto my skin. This compact foundation evens out the skin complexion and it gives the skin the silky feeling.

The Dior Lip Maximizer.
This lip maximizer contains peppermint and collagen and it works to give you a sexy looking lip after application. The texture is slightly thicker than a lipgloss.

The Dior Lipsticks/ Lip Rouge.
Dior have a wide range of lip colours available at their counters but these 3 colours are said to be the colours in the trend for Autumn/Winter Seasons.

The Dior Smokey Eyes Eyeshadows.
Dark blue:
Dior makeup professional used this shade on the model if I remember it right.
I forgot what's the number for the last eyeshadow, sorry about that. 

If you like having eyeshadows and lip colour together in a palette, Dior has it too.

The Dior Cheek Blushers.
Pinkish shade or a pink with slight coral shade are the focus for Autumn/Winter Seasons.
The above No. 829 is the shade Dior makeup professional used on the model.

The combination of pink and orange as shown below is also a rather popular colour for the coming seasons.

Here's the model's look after it's done.

If you like to see videos on the tips for makeup application and how to achieve flawless look, you may check out the videos here:

I've come to the end of this post. Hope you have enjoyed reading it. :)

I'm going to hold a giveaway for samples of Dior One Essential, Dior Eyes Essential, DiorSkin Radiant Base No.001, DiorSkin Forever Liquid Foundation No.020 and DiorSkin Forever Compact Foundation No. 020. Keep a lookout! :)

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