Saturday, September 10, 2011

Movie Review: Johnny English Reborn

Rowan Atkinson whom most of us remember as Mr. Bean is back in action!!! This time, he is appearing in the movie Johnny English Reborn and he is now called Mr. English! (I think there is hidden meaning in this show i.e English vs Chinese kind of thing but I'm not going deep into this topic. It could be that I'm thinking too much. Haha.) Never mind, that's not the main thing. The main thing is the movie! 

This movie is definitely a hilarious one. In this movie, you will be accompany Mr. English on his mission as a secret agent trying to put a stop to an impeding assassination attempt which could cause world chaos. Be sure to be on an adventurous, mini roller coaster ride with Mr. English in this movie!. :)
I find that the best parts of the movie is when they flaunt all those high technology equipments which made me go "Wow", "Hmm...", "Interesting". For example, the voice changing lozenges, the car Royce which only response to the voice of Mr. English and it has lots of awesome functions, the super mechanic wheelchair that travels faster than car at the speed called F Fast. I don't know what does the "F" means, but some say it is the F*** word, some say it is the word freaking or fantastic and so on. Just make a guess. :)

I shall not reveal too much about this movie. Watch it to find out! Hehe.

Can't wait to see Johnny English in action? Catch it on screen on 15 September 2011 !

My rating: 3/5

Thank you United International Pictures (UIP) and OMY for the invitation to this preview.

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