Thursday, August 18, 2011

Review: Naruko Marjoram & Lavender Night Gelly

Hi everyone! Today's review is about Naruko Marjoram & Lavender Night Gelly【茉蘭薰衣草】 美白晚安凍膜. Honestly speaking, this product is really very very good and I have already classified this as one of my Holy Grail products. This product is really awesome! Definitely worth trying!

Suitable for: All skin types. Best for dull, uneven skin tone. 

Let's check out Naruko Marjoram & Lavender Night Gelly!

My thoughts:
Remember that I mentioned in the earlier part of this post that this product is awesome? Let me tell you why.
1) Very icy cooling sensation when applied to the skin, plus it has the soothing lavender scent that calms not only my soul but my skin too! I love the feeling and the scent very much!
2) Awesome results experienced when applied to open pores and sore, painful acne. Pores immediately became visibly smaller and skin looks much fresher. Sometimes acne gives the itchy and painful feeling but when this product is applied onto the acne, the itchy and pain feeling was gone within seconds.
3) Keeps my skin well hydrated and in the morning, my skin looks visibly fairer, hydrated and feels piong-piong
4) It may feels a little sticky when you've applied a huge amount to the face but it doesn't result in clogging of pores. This product is really gentle to the skin.

Watching the videos below could help you understand how Naruko Marjoram & Lavender Night Gelly can work for your skin and the results you can expect after using.

If you are interested to know about this range of Marjoram & Lavender products, you might like to watch this video. This video is really useful!

Oh yes, I almost forgot to share the design inside the product box.
 This will be made into a name card holder. I like it! 

Thanks for reading. :)


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