Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Introducing The Slimming Company

From the title of this post, I think you would already know what this company does. I love the name of the company; short, direct, understandable.

The Slimming Company Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based, new generation fitness, beauty, wellness and rejuvenation studio that has a range of customized programs accompanied by premium grade quality European products – offering clients a total, ONE-STOP fitness, wellness and beauty solutions.


To help one and all achieve a fit, beautiful, healthier body, mind and soul.
MissionTo constantly seek new technology, methods and products to help our customers, employees, partners and stakeholders achieve their objectives for fitness, beauty, wellness and rejuvenation
Quite some time ago, some bloggers and me were cordially invited by Carol to The Slimming Company to understand about the company's highly recommended PowerSlim Treatment and Collagen Light Therapy Treatment.  

Upon reaching the door of The Slimming Company.

After I entered, I was led to the common area. The common area feel like a living room with comfy sofa and soothing atmosphere. Soon after, I was given my name tag. The name tag is really cute! Till now, I still keep my name tag. I met Tiphanie there too. It's a pleasant surprise! ^_^

Tiphanie and I were there early, so we went around exploring the place. The company has also kindly set up a station for bloggers to do their manicure but Tiphanie and I skipped this section.

We went to explore their wide range of cosmetics instead. Their cosmetics were imported from France. Looks like this brand is quite well-known in the European countries.

Arriving at their beauty corner. Look at the wide range of eyeshadows they have!!!

Their eyeshadows range from Matte (no glitter) to Metallic (lots of glitters). Let's check them out!


Pearl (Slight glittery):

Stars (More glitters):

Metallic (Super glittery):
With flash:

Other cosmetics (Not all, there are lots more actually):

Before the start of the presentation, the Boss of the company brought another blogger and me around to get to know their equipments and the treatments they offered.

First stop: Collagen Light Therapy Treatment
The light therapy helps in anti-aging. It works to firm the skin, combat wrinkles and disperse pigments. The light therapy works for acne skin too. I was informed that some differences to your skin can be felt in the 1st treatment.

You can experience your 1st Trial at $28.

Next stop: PowerSlim Treatment
You get to watch movies while losing weight. This equipment makes use of the warmth of the infra-red and ionized air to speed up your metabolism rate, increase blood circulation and helps to burn fats faster. I tried placing my hand inside when the lights were on and the air inside this slimming machine immediately felt warm.

There are also other PowerSlim equipments available to suit your preference and needs.
You can find out more about these equipments and how they can help you in slimming HERE.

The start of the official presentation:
Carol, the user of the PowerSlim equipment, shared with us her slimming journey and the benefits of PowerSlim. She has tried and tested the effectiveness of the PowerSlim equipment.
Carol used to be 60+ kilos till she tried the PowerSlim equipment. She slimmed down to 50+, and now she is at 40+ kilos. She's looking much beautiful and healthier now.

The PowerSlim equipment is no kidding stuff !
The PowerSlim Cream is applied to your body before you step into the PowerSlim equipment.

You can also watch a video about Carol's take about the PowerSlim equipment on Razor TV. Link provided below.

After the presentation, we had a mini biscuit designing competition. Tiphanie and I were a team.

Our final masterpiece.

And we won a box of Collagen drink!

That counts the end of this event and of course, not to be missed, a group photo!

1st photo: All the bloggers.

2nd photo: Together with Carol! 
PS: I'm not as fat as seen in photos above. It is just my loose clothes. 

3rd photo: With Tiphanie!

Location of The Slimming Company:
The Slimming Company
19 Tanglin Road #06-43/44Tanglin Shopping Center
Singapore 247909

You may call The Slimming Company at 6733 2208 to understand about the treatments they offered and to book your appointment. You can also check out their website

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to The Slimming Company, Singapore. I am not getting paid for publishing this post.


  1. All I can say is WOW, It's the place to BE!:D

  2. Haha... Yeah. If I have the money, I will sign for their packages too. =)

  3. Debbie/Maria: the beauticians are cheats. Went with the groupon deal and was told "collagen" is the name of the red light machine. And if u don't pay extra $50 for ampules, there won't be any effect from the treatment! Then, unwillingly, she did a 5min diamond peel n a 5min red light in an awfully bright room! It was pure torture for pocket and mind!

    1. Hi Wil, I'm sorry to hear that.

      I've tried their Collagen Light Therapy Treatment before. The red light they used is suppose to boost the collagen production of the skin and they didn't apply any collagen or ampules on my skin too. When I went for the treatment, the first thing they did was to cleanse off the dirt and makeup on my skin and I was given a shade to protect my eyes against the bright red light. The machine was then switch on and I was given a 25 mins light therapy. The period for the light therapy varies for different people as they will look at your skin condition and other stuffs first before deciding how long they will put you under the red light.

      After the treatment was done, they applied moisturiser on my skin and I was led out.

      I noticed some minor differences to my skin after the treatment but I guess, the ampules maybe will make the effect better. I'm not sure.

      Above are my experiences, and if you have anything feel upset about, I suggest you contact the company and let their Boss know who served you and what you are upset about.


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