Sunday, July 17, 2011

Review: AFC Japan's LipoDOWN. SLIM DOWN TIME!

Today, I will be sharing my review on AFC Japan's LipoDOWN. I was very tempted to give LipoDOWN a try after reading the catchy headline:
"Burn fat while you sleep & tackle stubborn lower body fat with 40x concentrated premium Japanese Wakame seaweed in AFC LipoDOWN!" 

I experience fats that accumulated at the lower parts of my body like my hip, tummy, thighs, calves. I used to be very active in sports when I was younger, and being a person that builds muscles easily, it resulted in me having a heavier bottom. My top is a size of UK 8 -10 but my bottom is a UK10 -12. I have been trying various ways to lose fats off the lower parts of my body but I've always find it difficult, so I was thrilled to get to try LipoDOWN.

LipoDOWN is said to be different from other slimming pills because the ingredients are all natural. And of course, I don't want myself to be like what happened for Slim 10, so upon knowing that LipoDOWN is safe for consumption, I went ahead to try it.

At a height of 156cm, I was slight overweight at 58kg.

After consuming LipoDOWN for close to a month, I've lost 2kg. I know 2kg might not seem a lot to some people, but for people like me who has stubborn fats that are very difficult to get rid of, 2kg is a great achievement for me.

Oh yes, I have not shown you the product. Here you go.
The product comes in the form of softgel.

My thoughts:
I take LipoDOWN once a day in the afternoon before my lunch and I could feel my stomach being slightly filled, making myself less hungry, hence reducing my calories intake. After taking LipoDOWN, other than having a slightly filled stomach, I didn't get any other feeling, no burning sensation, no nauseous, no bloated feeling, no discomfort. I think LipoDOWN helped me in my bowel movement too as I was able to go to the toilet to clear out those waste in the evening which I wasn't able to do so before that due to constipation problem. Most importantly, I've LOST 2KG!!! This is the best result for me. I can't wait to shed more fats!!!

My rating: 4/5


Lifestream Group is currently having promotion for this, so instead of the usual price of SGD82.24, it is selling at $77.48 (this is the price before GST).

How to purchase:
AFC Japan's LipoDOWN can be purchased through online and Lifestream Group offers delivery of your purchase to your door step, both locally and internationally.

AFC Japan's LipoDOWN is also available in all Unity Healthcare and the Living Pharmacy, selected Watsons, Guardian, John Little & Robinsons. If you would like to check if AFC Japan's LipoDOWN is  available anywhere near you, you may check HERE. 

For more information/enquiries about AFC Japan's LipoDOWN, you can check out their page HERE.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to AFC Japan. Review published here is based on my own experience and opinion. I am not getting paid for sharing this review.


  1. hi is there a constant need to go to the toilet when taking this product?
    Thanks :)

  2. Hi Anonymous, I didn't have runs after taking this product. Bowel movement only once a day for me. This product also works to make your stomach feels fuller so that you can cut down on calories intake.

  3. What slimming pills have u taken which u think is v effective?

  4. Hi Anonymous, other than LipoDOWN, I dare not take other slimming pills as I fear that there might be side effects. I'm so sorry that I won't be able to help you.

  5. So if i stop taking tis pills for two months, will i gain back weight?

  6. Hi Anonymous, I didn't experience side effects after I stop taking LipoDOWN but it still depends a lot on self-discipline, so you have to stop craving for food and cut on on excessive calories intake to slim down.

  7. H, by taking LipoDOWN, does it really help to shed those fats accumulated at the lower part of our body? I need honest answers. Thank you.

  8. Hi Yvonne, thanks for sharing your experience. Will it keep you alert at nights after consuming LipoDown? As many fat burner product has some trace of caffeine. After 1 mth consumption, did you still continue LipoDown to maintain your weight? TIA.

    1. Hi Anon, I can't remember if it made me awake at night or not. I took it for a few months, till an acceptable weight and stopped consuming it.


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