Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Causal Session with Sothys

I had the opportunity and was privileged to be invited to a causal session organised by Sothys with 3 other bloggers some time ago. The session was held at Heart Bistro@Palais Renaissance. 

It was my first time meeting Jenny and Jasmine, the sweet ladies who invited me to try and review their Sothys Shaping Neck Care back then. Jenny and Jasmine are nice, sincere people, and they made me feel comfortable even though it was our first time meeting.

The event was held at Heart Bistro Living Room.
(Above picture obtained from Heart Bistro website.)

The drink that I've ordered is called the Red Defender, a mixture of Strawberry, Red Grape and Watermelon. The watermelon taste is so strong that it covers the taste of the Strawberry and Red Grape.

The food at Heart Bistro is not bad. 

During the session, we were introduced to Sothys latest Cosmeceutic Line – [W.]™+ Brightening Cosmeceutic Programme. Exclusive active ingredients and methodology have been used for this programme to reveal a luminous complexion.

Products shown above is arranged in order of use (displayed to us at the event):
1) [W.]™+ Brightening Mask (Illuminating/Comfort action),
2) [W.]™+ Brightening Preparative Lotion (Hydrating/Brightening Action),  
3) [W.]™+ Brightening Double Action Serum (Brightening/Spot Targeting), 
4) [W.]™+ Brightening Serum with Pure Vitamin C
5) [W.]™+ Brightening Fluid (Anti-aging/Illuminating Action)

Check out HERE for the proven efficacy of the products and the application methods.

We were also given the opportunity to try the whitening products on our hands to feel the texture and see the effect. The products come with floral scent with a tinge of spices but the spices smell isn't very noticeable as it's covered by the stronger floral scent.

1) [W.]™+ Brightening Mask (Illuminating/Comfort action)

A thick layer of the mask has to be applied onto the skin and leave it on for 15 mins. After that, you can wipe off the mask and rinse your face. The texture of this is like a clay mask except that the mask didn't harden up.

2) [W.]™+ Brightening Preparative Lotion (Hydrating/Brightening Action)

The lotion comes in a very watery texture and could be easily spread but you have to do some gentle tapping motion for the lotion to be well-absorbed by the skin. The lotion did not leave on any greasy or sticky feeling.
3) [W.]™+ Brightening Double Action Serum (Brightening/Spot Targeting)

This serum is called double action as it contains serum No. 1 and 2 in the bottle. No. 1 is to be used in the day for brightening effect and No. 2 is to be used at night for the peeling action. The serum that is shown on my hand is the No. 1. The serum didn't look watery but when spreading, it turned into a more water-like texture. I find the absorption of the serum is much faster than the lotion. 

I didn't manage to take pictures of [W.]™+ Brightening Serum with Pure Vitamin C and [W.]™+ Brightening Fluid at the event but I found samples of these 2 products in my goodie bag which I can share more about them in my reviews after I've tried them, so keep a look out for the reviews on my blog! 

That will be all for the time being. Signing off with our group photo.
Left to right: Gin, Shirleen, Sharon and ME! ^_^

Thank you Jenny and Jasmine for the invitation. Let's catch up another time! o(ω)o

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