Thursday, June 9, 2011

VICCAL Bloggers' Event at A Curious TeePee

I attended VICCAL first bloggers' event held at A Curious TeePee recently. Thank you Heinz from VICCAL for inviting me to this event. 

I invited Tiphanie with me for this event.

Let me share some photos around A Curious TeePee which has a cafe and a store. 

Alright, now let me share about the event. 

For the start, Ms. Vicky, one of the founders of VICCAL shared with us her story and how she get to set up the skincare brand VICCAL with her partners. Ms. Vicky worked in the skincare industry for many years and she wanted to produce a skincare that will work for people facing different skin issues, hence VICCAL produce 3 different types of serums, which are No. 1.10 Nurture & Strengthen, No. 2.11 Detoxify & Heal, No. 3.12 Revitalise & Energise. To find out more about VICCAL, you may click HERE.
 The presentation was a short one but Ms. Vicky presented to us with great passion.

Following up, Mr. Francis from Glo Minerals spoke to us about Glo Minerals and taught us how we can create a "Day Look" and "Night Look" using Glo Minerals.

Mr. Francis used VICCAL serum No. 1.10 as the base to prep the skin before applying makeup and he highly recommended VICCAL serum No. 1.10 to hydrate dry skin. (You may click on the image below if you find the words too small.)

Mr. Francis also passed the Glo Minerals Loose Base around for us to try the texture.
I tried Glo Minerals Loose Base on my hand and realised that the powders are really fine. Here's the swatch.
After blending, you might have noticed from the above picture that the Loose Base made fine lines obvious. Hence, as Mr. Francis mentioned, it is recommended to apply moisturiser before applying the Loose Base.

After the session with Mr. Francis, we had time to mingle with other partners of VICCAL and bloggers. Ms. Vicky also went around to each blogger, understanding their skin condition and recommend suitable serums for each person. Serum No. 2.11 Detoxify & Heal was suggested for my acne-prone skin.

Through out the session, there's also food and drinks to fill our hungry stomachs. Hehe.

Thanks for reading. Do check out VICCAL and Glo Minerals. ^_^

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