Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review: Boots 17 Trio Eye Shadow - Gilded Rose

After the past 2 reviews on Boots 17, I hope that you are looking forward to the last Boots 17 review about their Trio Eye Shadow in the colour of Gilded Rose. There are other 5 colours in the Boots 17 Trio Eye Shadow range which you can check out HERE.

The eyeshadow comes in 3 colours; Pink, Cream and Brown and it contains light reflecting particles, so you could notice that the eyeshadow looks like it has shimmers.
Let me show you the Dry Swatch and Wet Swatch to give you the idea of how the colours look like.
Did you notice that the colours in the Wet Swatch are more reflective? And for the Pink shade, it isn't just purely Pink, it became a shade of Pinkish-Gold. GORGEOUS SHADE!!!

Tip: Use the eyeshadow with a base/primer for long lasting colours on your eyes.

Information about Boots 17 Trio Eye Shadow - Gilded Rose and its ingredients:

Moving next, I will be showing you the colours on my eyes. Boots 17 Trio Eye Shadow comes in 3 colours, so there are quite a number of look you can create with just ONE eyeshadow.

1) Apply the Cream colour.

The light reflecting particles helps to brighten up the eye. It gives the natural look as if you're not applying anything. Very natural!

2) Apply the Cream and Pink colours.
The Pink shade didn't turn up very obvious on the eyelid as it looked more of a gold shade than pink shade on my eyelid. I've got to apply over the same area quite a few times to give you the shade shown above.

3) Apply Cream, Pink and Brown colours.
Brown was much easier to apply than Pink. Brown is much darker in shade which would cover over the Pink if not done properly.

Let me show you the difference between No. 2 (Cream and Pink) and No. 3 (Cream, Pink and Brown) with some photos, Without flash and With flash respectively.

Eye on the left: Cream and Pink.                Eye on the right: Cream, Pink, Brown

*Without Flash

*With Flash

You can also intensify the colours on your eyes as you wish if you love to have darker shades on your eyes.
*Without Flash

 *With Flash

My rating: 3/5

Retail price: S$8.89 (before discount) and S$6.23 (after discount)

Further details: You can make your purchase of Boots 17 products from Boots' Website.

Thanks for reading and hope you have found this review useful. 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Boots. Review published here is based on my own experience and opinion. I am not getting paid for this.

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