Saturday, June 4, 2011

Craving for Chocolates And It's Guylian Chocolates Again!

Had strong craving for chocolates again, and needless to say, I bought Guylian chocolates! Hehe. But this time, it's a different Guylian chocolates. I bought the assorted one. The previous one I bought is the Trufflina.

There are 2 rows of this in a box.
I love the designs of the chocolate lots! Can't bear to eat it but I can't control my craving and munched on them.

Before munching on the chocolates, I took pictures of each of the chocolate. My Dad saw me taking photos of the chocolates so he asked "Why are you taking photos (of the chocolates)? Aren't you eating them? If you are not eating, I'll eat it all for you!" Haha. My Dad loves Guylian chocolates too and we shared it in the end.

Here are the photos that I've taken before eating the chocolates. The chocolates designs are so pretty!!!!

I love the taste of this! My whole mouth is filled with creamy Cappuccino. Very delicious! 

This chocolate has very milky chocolatey taste.

I love this too! The design is already so nice, yet the taste is even better. Orange chocolate flavour. Yummy!!!

 This is good too! The chocolate contains nougat. Nougat is my favourite, so of course, this chocolate has high rating from me even though it is very sweet. Must try!

Nothing much from this. Praline flavoured.

This is just Cappuccino with roasted hazelnut. I still feel that the creamy Cappuccino one tasted better. Anyway, the design of this chocolate is one of my favourites.

This chocolate is very very smooth and chocolatey. The design looks plain but the taste is one of the best.

I love Guylian chocolates! \(^∀^)ノ

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Guylian. Item bought with my own money and I'm not paid for this.

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