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Review: SkinLab Medical Spa Radiant Peel (Medical Peel)

I was invited to try and review SkinLab Medical Spa's radiant peel. That was my first time going for a face peel, so before this treatment, I was feeling excited and a little scared at the same time. The reason for my fear is because I'm afraid that my face will turn out very red after the treatment, like what people called "the colour of cooked crab".

Let’s read on as I share with you my first medical peel experience and see whether I will have a face with "the colour of cooked crab" after the treatment.

The set up of SkinLab Medical Spa: Non-invasive, non-surgical procedures are highly sought after now and by adding a touch of spa feel to the overall atmosphere, most people are willing to forsake their dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons because after all, you get the best of both worlds!

Read on as I share my first medical peel experience!

When I reached SkinLab Medical Spa, I was given a questionnaire to fill in and the staff asked whether I would like to have water or tea. I chose water. The questionnaire has questions like my skincare routine, skin concerns, stress level, medical conditions, etc. 

I love their simple decoration on the coffee table.

After I'm done with the questionnaire, I was brought into a room to have my consultation. There will be a specialist to analyse your skin conditions, get to know your medical history, ingredients in the skincare products you use etc., and he will suggest ingredients you can look out for in your skincare products that will work best for your skin. 

Tips that I've learnt:

Due to my dry but acne-prone skin, I was recommended to use 2-5% of glycolic acid and salicylic acid in my facial cleanser. Furthermore, since I have oily T-zone, I was suggested to apply only light moisturiser on dry areas avoiding the T-zone area or it will cause formation of more whiteheads and blackheads along the T-zone area. I was also told that for most cases of dry skin (not the eczema case), it's mostly due to dead skin on the surface of the skin, so once the dead skin got exfoliated away, you get smoother skin and you won't get the tightness feel on the skin. 

Before the treatment, I was given 2 choices to choose from; Medical Peel (actual name: Advance Acne Solution with Facial) or Milk Peel (actual name: Gentle Milk Exfoliation Facial). 

I wasn't sure which would be more suitable for my skin condition. After my consultation and explaining my past conditions etc., Medical Peel was said to be more suitable for me. This is my first time going for medical peel and I was prescribed medical peel at 20%. My first reaction was shocked upon hearing 20% then I asked "Is it too high? Will it hurt?" I was assured that it will be alright for me and I should expect slight stinging feeling, and in any case that it is too strong or unbearable for me, I can ask my Beauty Therapist to remove it.

After the consultation, I was led into a room for my treatment. The room was decorated in a simple style but it gave me the comfortable feeling. 

I was left to change into the treatment gown while my Beauty Therapist left the room.

Procedures that went on for this Medical Peel:

1. Remove eye and lip makeup. My Beauty Therapist used cotton pads soaked with makeup remover to remove my eye and lip makeup. 

2. Remove face makeup. I forgot the type of makeup remover she used but the makeup remover managed to remove all the makeup on my face effectively. 

3. Face cleansing.

4. Calms my skin with Rosewater.

5. Analyse skin condition. My Beauty Therapist showed me that I have discolouration on my face as my cheeks are fairer than other parts of the face. She also pointed out areas with congestion problems, and the blackheads and whiteheads issue.

6. Medical peel time! My Beauty Therapist started tapping a little of the chemical on my forehead and asked whether I am alright with the feeling. She told me that there will be some stinging, biting feeling and if I'm unable to tolerate it I should request to remove the chemical. After that, she started to apply the chemical to the rest of my face. Once she's done, she immediately started to fan my face. I experienced very slight stinging feeling on my forehead and cheeks areas, no feeling of any pain at all. My Beauty Therapist kept asking me whether I'm feeling ok. The chemical was washed off after about 5 minutes.

7. Washing off the chemical. A towel/ facial pad soaked with icy cold water was used to wash off the chemical. My Beauty Therapist was very meticulous and she ensures that the entire chemical on my face got washed off, and she applied Rosewater on my skin. I requested to have a look at my face and my Beauty Therapist pointed out some areas where the blackheads and whiteheads were much visible now and she told me that after the medical peel, facial extraction will easier and less painful.

8. Extraction. Indeed, I did not feel much pain while she's doing the extraction but because my face turned red easily whenever I do extraction, my Beauty Therapist placed a cotton pad soaked with Rosewater on my skin after she extracted an area which she said will help to calm my skin. She's really thoughtful and nice. I like! o(^ω^)o

9. I guess my face must be very red as my Beauty Therapist placed cotton pads soaked with Rosewater on my whole face after she’s done with the extraction. She left the cotton pads on my face while she went on to help me trim my eyebrows. A really sweet add-on as it is time for me to groom my messy brows. I am very happy that my Beauty Therapist bother to ask whether I would like thin or natural brows before trimming. I will be super duper upset if anyone trimmed my brows too thin.

10. Head and shoulder massages. Quite a comfortable one.

11. Apply purifying ampoule. My Beauty Therapist did face massage to aid my skin's absorption of the serum. The massage was comfortable.

12. Apply cooling mask to aid healing. The mask felt really icy cool and nice. The mask felt so soothing and I love this cooling mask totally! The cooling mask will be customised for each customer based on their skin condition and mine was light purple in colour. After my Beauty Therapist was done with applying the mask, she switched off the lights and left the room, and soon I fell asleep.

13. Remove the mask followed by neck and shoulder massages. This time my Beauty Therapist did really shiok massages for me! I enjoyed the massages max.! 

14. Apply eye serum and face moisturiser. Before applying the eye serum and moisturiser, my Beauty Therapist handed a mirror to me to have a look at my face. I opened my eyes slowly as I was afraid to see a red face. When I saw my face, I was surprised that my face didn't look like "the colour of cooked crab" at all and my immediate reaction was "WOW!"

Here's how my face looked at the end of the treatment. So happy that there's not much of redness on my face, and the discolouration problem seemed to improve a lot. My skin also looked much radiant and really smooth to touch after the treatment. My eyebrows were also nicely trimmed. Happy me! (^^)

At the end of the session, my Beauty Therapist informed me that I might experience slight flakiness of my skin over the next few days but it will be gone soon.

My rating: 4/5

I would recommend people who have acne-prone skin or skin that gets red easily from extraction to try this. You will definitely be surprised by how great your skin look and feel at the end of the session.

How would Medical Peel help?
* Medical peel regularly exfoliating the dead skin and causes it to regenerate and renew. It uses special ingredients to penetrate the epidermis. Increases cell renewal process to give a smoother and younger skin.
* Also controls oil glands.
* Dissolves blackheads and whiteheads.

If you would like to give the Medical Peel a try, SkinLab Medical Spa is very easy to locate. It is at Wheelock Place Level 4, so you just have to take the escalator to Level 4 and turn left and you will see SkinLab Medical Spa right in front of you.

501 Orchard Road, #04-04
Wheelock Place
Tel : 6235 3246

Quote "Yvonne" to enjoy *$38 Medical Peel 30min OR $68 Gentle Milk Exfoliation Facial 90min. 

*Valid till 31 May 2011 and for new customers of SkinLab Medical Spa only.

Original price:
Medical Peel 90mins $268
For active acne with medical peel and cooling mask to aid healing.

Gentle Milk Exfoliation Facial 90mins $158
Using pure milk proteins to exfoliate and yet moisturise problematic skin. 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to SkinLab Medical Spa, Singapore. Review published here is based on my own experiences and opinions. I am not getting paid for sharing this review.


  1. I would really want to try this!! But too bad the promo ends so soon :(

  2. Hi Nicole, it's still not too late to book your appointment. as the offer is valid if you call in anytime before 1st of June. You may call SkinLab Medical Spa at 6235 3246, quote my name "Yvonne" and you get to experience this treatment at a special offer! (^_^)


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