Friday, May 6, 2011

Review: Play in the Sun with Sunplay ;)

Today I will be sharing my reviews about  
1. Sunplay Super Block SPF130PA+++ (#1 Sunscreen in Watsons)
2. Sunplay UV Body Mist 

SPF80 PA++

I have been using sunblock for a very long time. The purpose of me starting to use sunblock is because of a face scan, and it was shown through a machine that I have lots of pigments beneath my skin. Almost my whole face is covered with pigments but luckily for me, the pigments have not shown up on the surface of my skin, otherwise I would have lots of freckles on my face now.

In my teenage years, I was very active in sports and I don't mind getting myself tan as I love the bronze shade of my skin and thought I look cool with it. However, as I get older, I begin to realise how much damage the sun could cause my skin such as resulting in uneven skin tone etc., and it made me realise that it is time for me to start caring and protect my skin against the harmful sun's rays. I have since then diligently apply sunblock and use whitening products to prevent melanin formation on my skin.

And today, I would like to share my reviews after using Sunplay's sunblock products.

The first product that I will be reviewing is the Sunplay Super Block SPF130PA+++. This product is the #1 Sunscreen in Watsons. How cool is that!

Firstly, allow me to share some information about this product:
 Key points:
* Highest SPF (Even though the SPF is high, it is still advisable to reapply your sunblock a few times a day to give your skin maximum protection.)
* Prevent sunburn and premature aging.
 * Super waterproof formula.
* Dermatologist tested.

The above are the points that I always look out for whenever I choose my sunblock, and I am glad that Sunplay Super Block SPF130PA+++ satisfies all of it.

Directions to apply the sunblock and how you can remove it:
Personally, I don't think all sunblocks can be easily removed with facial cleanser as I've tried some sunblocks that made me feel like there's still 'something' left on my skin after washing my face. However, I am happy to say that Sunplay Super Block SPF130PA+++ can be easily washed off with facial cleanser. Mild cleanser can do the job too. Thumb up for this!


Now, let me share with you how this product works on my skin.

My thoughts:
From Pictures 1 and 2, you would notice that the product comes in white watery texture and it is very easy to spread out on my skin.
(Advise: Be careful when you pour out the liquid as it flows out of the container very easily, so you might spill if you're not careful with it. Also, shake well before using.)
From Picture 3, you will see a slight gloss on my skin after I've spread out the product.
From Picture 4, it shows that the product got absorbed well by my skin and the shine is almost gone. The product did not leave any greasy nor sticky feeling on my skin but it leaves a very slight white cast which I am alright with.

The product did not feel sticky nor greasy when I perspire, so I find this product great to use when I go for my exercise. Even when I perspire, I did not see anything of a white liquid dripping which I have experienced with other sunblocks.

There is a slight scent which is kind of similar to Aloe Vera gel but the scent was gone soon as the product got absorbed.

Packaging wise, I love the bright colours and cute design. The size also makes this product convenient to bring out which I can easily use whenever I need it.

My rating: 4/5

Moving on is my review for Sunplay UV Body Mist 

SPF80 PA++. Frankly speaking, this is the first time I've come across sunblock that comes in the form of mist. I'm pretty amazed with this!

Sharing some information about this product :
(For users, this part of information is very important as it advises what you should take note and avoid doing when you use it.)


Now, let me share with you how this product works on my skin.
In the "Before" picture, you will be able to see some shine on my skin after I've sprayed the mist on. I left the mist on and it got absorbed within seconds, and the shine was gone as shown in the "After" picture.

My thoughts:
This product is very easy to use but it is advisable to spray on the same area a few times then spread out with your hands to ensure that the sunblock is applied to all areas. This sunblock generally doesn't feel greasy but when you spray too much of it on your skin, you will feel a slight greasiness on your skin.

I love the cooling sensation of the mist and there is also nice fragrance from the mist, just like spraying of body mist. However, the fragrance was gone immediately within seconds which is sad as the scent is really nice!  

This product is best use when you go swimming as the product is colourless, so you don't have to worry about having dripping white liquid when you get out of the pool, and you can easily just spray on the sunblock to give your skin maximise protection against sun's rays.

Packaging wise, I love the bright colours and cute design but find the size a little too bulky to carry around.

My rating: 4/5

This looks like another long post from me but I hope you have enjoyed reading this and got to know more about these products.

If you are interested to give Sunplay a try, you can receive a complimentary travel size Sunplay Super Block SPF 130PA+++ from SUNPLAY Facebook! Whilst stocks last. Enjoy using Sunplay!

Disclaimer: These were kindly sent to me for reviewing by The Sample Store. I am not affiliated to The Sample Store and Sunplay Mentholatum, Singapore. Reviews published here are based on my own experiences and opinions. I am not getting paid for sharing my reviews.

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