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Review: The Eastern Restaurant (Authentic Chinese Cuisine in Singapore)

I visited The Eastern Restaurant 东方上海拉面小笼包 with some bloggers last week and tasted a number of the restaurant's signature dishes. 

The Eastern Restaurant is located at Centrepoint and they sell authentic Chinese Cuisine. Their chefs are also mostly from Shanghai, China.

Read on as I bring you into the food world of The Eastern Restaurant, and share my views about their dishes. Be prepared to drool along the way. ● з ●

Are you ready to flip open the food menu?

Lets GO!

Pork Belly with Minced Garlic 蒜泥酱肉 - $6.50

The Pork Belly is thinly sliced and there's not much fats. It also has slight salty taste due to the light soy sauce but it definitely helped to open up my appetite. Awesome appetizer dish. Tasty!

Tofu with Century Egg 皮蛋豆腐 - $5.00

This is a must try! I tried a slice of the Tofu without the Century egg at first as I don't really eat Century egg. When I placed the Tofu into my mouth, I immediately wanted a second slice. The Tofu is very soft and smooth that it melts once in my mouth. The Tofu is very fresh! I tried a second slice with a bit of Century egg to see how it taste. Personally, I find that Century egg has a stinky taste but truly speaking, the Century egg in this dish doesn't has stinky taste and surprisingly, I could accept the Century egg for this dish! Lastly, I love their peanut bits and light soy sauce. Perfect match in all. Will definitely go back for this! 

Chicken Marinated with Shaoshing Wine 绍兴醉鸡 - $6.00

This chicken is juicy and tender, well marinated with Shaoshing wine that you can taste the Shaoshing wine with every bite. Not sure if this is a "cold" dish or not but the chicken actually tasted cold. I think I would love this dish more if only the chicken is warm.

Yang Zhou Braised Minced Ball 扬州大砧肉 - $12.00

This minced ball is a must try! I love the way they display this dish, making it very convenient for people to take and eat as the size of the minced ball is quite huge. I love the crispy crust of the minced ball and yet, it's soft inside. It gives me the satisfying feel after eating one. You will definitely enjoy this!

Wanton in Hot Chilli Sauce (5pcs) 红油炒手 - $6.00

For people who can't take spicy food, take the Wanton but not the chilli sauce. When I first saw that the chilli sauce is brown in colour, I thought it won't be too spicy but I got choked a little by the chilli sauce when I took my first mouth. Without the chilli sauce, I would give the Wanton 4 out of 5 stars. This Wanton is excellent as the wanton skin is thin and there's thick filling inside. The filling taste really good. I love their Wanton!

Eastern Yi Ping Steamed Pork Dumpling (4pcs) 东方一品小笼包 $4.00

The Dim Sum chef is really smart to place cabbage at the base to steam the Xiao Long Bao as it gives the Xiao Long Bao a slight cabbage fragrance, and make the Xiao Long Bao taste better but find the soup broth in the Xiao Long Bao is a bit bland, so it didn't give me the shiok feeling of eating the Xiao Long Bao. This Xiao Long Bao would be perfect if only the soup broth has more taste.

 Whoo... I love the egg... But here's how you should eat this dish. The waiter/waitress will do it for you:
 Mixed with vinegar and pepper, and it's ready!

Furong Special Scramble Egg 芙蓉赛螃蟹 - $10.80

The main ingredient is the scrambled egg whites together with crab meat, served with raw egg yolk on top. This dish tasted just like the usual scramble egg but I find it a bit too watery.

Zha Jiang Mian 炸酱面 - $7.80

This dish is also highly recommended! I love the sauce that comes with minced meat and mushroom. Very delicious! The noodle also comes in huge portion. This dish is definitely worth trying. Remember to eat this when it is hot, otherwise the noodles will clump together. This dish is totally yummy-licious! Will definitely go back for this dish! ● з ●

Yang Zhou Fried Rice 扬州炒饭 - $9.50

This dish is quite disappointing as the rice is a bit dry and the prawns lost its juiciness. But I'm glad that the fried rice does not taste salty and not oily as well, so generally it is quite a healthy fried rice.

Sweet & Sour Fish 糖醋鱼片 - $12.00

I love this dish!!! I've always love sweet and sour dishes and the chef made the taste just right for this dish. Thumbs up! The fish tasted fresh and cooked just right, so the meat does not taste dry at all. I love the sauce and the fish to the max.! This dish tasted excellent when eaten hot. Highly recommended!  You got to try this.

Now, the last station of this food journey is the desserts! It is desserts time!(^^)

Egg Puff with Red Bean Paste ( 3pcs ) 高丽豆沙 - $4.50

The waiter/waitress will cut it for you. The shape reminds me of 寿桃 The Longevity Buns.
For the crust, it is slightly crispy and has the egg taste but it is a bit sweet because of the sugar coating. Inside the egg puff there are red bean paste and banana. The banana they used is the type that's used to make Goreng Pisang (Fried Banana), and the banana makes this dessert very sweet. If you are someone who has sweet-tooth, you will definitely love this dessert.

Steamed Custard Buns (3 pcs) 流沙包 - $4.50

This bun has a mixture of saltiness and sweetness. I guess the saltiness comes from salted egg. This dessert is rather new to me and truly speaking, I love it! But I feel that this dessert would be perfect if it is not too sweet. I will still go back for this dessert next time. :)

If you would like to order drinks, the restaurant sells fresh fruit juice (freshly squeezed on the spot) or you can also order Chinese Tea.
Chinese Tea (Free Flow) 中国茶 - $1.50

The Eastern Restaurant has special promotion for Kaplan staffs and students (just because Kaplan is nearby) and for people who joined their facebook fanpage.

This is the Boss of The Eastern Restaurant and he is always willing to listen to suggestions from customers.

The restaurant is not easy to find as it is at the back of Centrepoint. When you enter Centrepoint, you have to take the escalator to Basement 1, turn left and walk straight then take the escalator up to Level 1, and walk to the end. If you can't find the restaurant, ask the Security Guard for direction, like what I did that time. Hehe.
The Eastern Restaurant (Centrepoint) Pte Ltd
176 Orchard Road #01-57 
Centrepoint Singapore 238843

Tel : 6736 2638

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun  11.00am - 10.00pm


Signing off with our group photo. :)
 Noticed their open kitchen concept? You can watch their chefs make their noodles while having your meal.

We have come to the end of this food journey. Hope you have enjoyed 'travelling' on this food journey with me. 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to The Eastern Restaurant. Review published here is based on my own opinion. I am not getting paid for sharing my food review.


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