Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Introducing The Spa-Lon's ATP38 Machine

The Spa-Lon brought in a machine called the ATP38 to Singapore. If you're wondering what's so special about ATP38 then maybe you would like to stick with me for the time being as I share about this.

Last Saturday, bloggers were invited to The Spa-Lon Beauty and Treatment Centre at Tiong Bahru Plaza to get to know about ATP38.

ATP38 is a special machine that is able to do treatment within a short period of time with the use of different colour LED lights. Shown below is the list of treatments that can be done just with the use of ATP38 alone.

As you can see from the list above, ATP38 doesn't work just on face or body. ATP38 is like a super machine that can do almost everything. Read on to find out more! ● з ●

To begin the presentation, The Spa-Lon arranged a speaker to introduce the functions of ATP38. I will keep this introduction of ATP38 short and focus on the LED lights itself.
That's the speaker, working with the ATP38 machine and he switched on the LED lights.

LED lights were used as the light rays are able to penetrate into the inner most layers of your skin to stimulate the cells, hence encouraging healing, regeneration, anti-inflammation etc.

There are 3 different colours of LED lights available for treatment.
The red light that is use on acne-prone skin to kill the bacteria and has anti-inflammation effect.

The orange light that is use on sensitive, dry skin which gives milder effect.

The yellow light is use on aging skin to boost your skin's natural collagen production.

Next, we had demonstration to show us how this ATP38 would be used in the treatment. 
The first demonstration is done on the eyes to lighten dark eye circles. 

The first step is to cleanse and remove all the makeup from the face and eyes areas. The beauticians at The Spa-Lon have many years of experience and they had undergone trainings to operate the ATP38, so you don't have to worry while doing your treatment because you are in safe hands.

Next step is to apply eye gel around the eyes followed by using a machine (also from ATP38) to aid the penetration and absorption of the nutrients from the eye gel.

The third step is to use a cooling machine (also from the ATP38) and roll around the eye area.

After that, it's time for the LED rays.

And the treatment is done! 

The LED lights can also be used on eczema skin to improve the skin's condition. A demonstration was shown on a person who experience eczema on her legs.

We were told that very significant result may not be observed in a single treatment but it depends on individual.

The Spa-Lon do sell portable LED lights too. They have 4 different colours: Red, Yellow, Green, and Purple. Red is for anti-inflammation, Yellow is for collagen production, Green is for evening out skin tone and whitening, Purple is for controlling of the skin's oil production. 
Direction of use is to shine the light on your skin for about 90 seconds for each use. Use it twice a day.

The portable LED lights look like this.

If you are interested to find out the results after using the LED lights from ATP38, you can click HERE.
To find the locations of The Spa-Lon, you can click HERE.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to The Spa-Lon, Singapore.  I am not getting paid for sharing this post.


  1. hey Yvonne this is Louisa, do you happen to know what the price is for treatment of eczema wounds on the legs with the ATP38 machine?

    Also do u have any idea how much the portable LED red light is sold? How big is the portable LED?

  2. Hi Louisa! :)

    Sorry, I've forgot how much one treatment cost. But I remember no matter whether you do it on face, on legs or other parts of your body, it costs the same. Maybe you can call the Salon at 6276 6313 to check out the price of each treatment.

    The portable LED light costs $200+ each. The equipment is about the size of a palm.

    Hope I've managed to help.


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