Friday, April 15, 2011

OpenRice's Food Tasting Event: Canopy Garden Dining & Bar

This event was held last Friday at Canopy Garden Dining & Bar. I got the opportunity to taste the restaurant's new menu which will be launched on 18 April 2011.

Here's the menu.

The first dish that was served is the Mango Prawn Salad.
Prawn + Mango + Salad. This is a really fantastic combination! I love this dish as I can taste the freshness of the prawn, the sweetness of the mango, and the crunchiness of the greens. The mango sauce is sweet with slight spiciness in it, and it kind of helped to open up my appetite. I love how fresh and juicy the prawn is, and the nata de coco and dies of mango mixture is an added goodness to this dish. Awesome much!
The second dish is the Apple Duck Salad. This name is really interesting!
This salad has a lot of greens in it with various types of vegetables, and shredded apple. I love the sauce and the smoked duck in this dish. The sauce has bacon bits in it (I think), and the sauce tastes totally yummy! The smoked duck is delicious and the meat doesn't taste dry nor tough. This dish is a definite much try. I really recommend this, and of cos, I definitely recommend the Mango Prawn Salad too!

The third dish is Canopy's Asian Chicken Pasta. 
This pasta tasted really special to me. In this pasta, there are mangoes (but it tasted like green apples to me), tomatoes, and minced chicken topping. There is also a bit of spiciness in this dish which makes this dish like a combination of the western and eastern styles. It is a great combination, giving this dish an interesting taste.
Moving on, these are the Apple Smoked Duck Pizza (Left side) and Margherita Pizza (Right side).
For Apple Smoked Duck Pizza, the smoked duck tasted like the one in the Apple Duck dish but the thing that is special about this dish is the wasabi sauce. Have you noticed the green sauce on the pizza? Yup, that's the wasabi but I think they mixed something to make the wasabi tastes slightly creamier and not as spicy. I think the restaurant wanted to create something that is suitable for people who can't really take spicy food.

For Margherita Pizza, this is like a vegetarian pizza. Nothing much to comment about this dish. 

For the pizzas, I like how thin and well baked the pizzas are. You can see that the neither the crust nor the top is burnt! Healthy!

The next dish is the Green Curry Pasta.
I know you must be questioning: Green curry + pasta = ?
Hahah. I know. This is my first time trying Western dish mixed with Thai green curry. This dish may be special but I don't think I will go for this. The green curry doesn't really taste like green curry to me. I feel that this combination doesn't really match. I think the only thing that attracts me for this dish is the chicken meat. The chicken meat is really tender and not dry nor oily. However, I hope they remove the chicken skin as it doesn't really taste nice (don't know whether they want to keep the chicken skin soft or make the chicken skin crispy), so without the skin, this chicken meat would be perfect I would say.

The second last dish is the Italian Meatball.
I got a little turned off when I saw the amount of oil in this dish. But when I try the meatball, whoolala, it tasted quite good and the meatball is not oily at all. The meatball has carrots and other stuffs in it but I think the yummy tomato sauce helped to add much flavour to this dish, so it is definitely a must to try the meatball together with the tomato sauce.

The last dish is the Bavarian Platter.
I have nothing much to comment about this dish. After eating so many nice dishes in the earlier part and with a stomach that is almost full, my tongue can't seem to taste much at this point, and I could not really tell the difference among the 3, so I thought it might not do justice for this dish if I would to say whether this dish is really nice or really bad.

By the way, I've created a video, sharing photos the restaurant and the dishes, so if you are interested, feel free to watch it. But please note an error in the video, for Canopy's Asian Chicken Pasta, it consists of mango dies and not green apple. Hehe.

Sharing some info about Canopy Garden Dining & Bar:
This place is suitable for people of all ages, even for kids as the Canopy hosts kid’s craft workshops every last Sunday of the month. The place is pet friendly too!

The Canopy has live band performances too! The live band performance is held at The alfresco Middle Rock Bar (a part of the Canopy) every Wednesdays to Saturdays from 7.30pm onwards.
Wed: Imelda Teo singing soothing jazz and soul tunes
Thurs: Trisno + Clifford singing jazz
Fri: Ling singing contemporary top 40's
Sat: Nadia singing the good old days to the present top 40's

Additional details: 
Tel: 6556 1533
Opening Hours: 9am – 10pm
Weekend: 8am – 10pm
Offers both indoor and alfresco seating
Special Features: Roof Garden, Walk in Wine Cellar, Alfresco Lounge Area, Pet friendly

Thanks for reading. :)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to OpenRice or Canopy Garden Dining & Bar. Review published here is based on my own opinion. I am not getting paid for sharing my food review.

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