Friday, March 18, 2011

牛爾老師 (Robin Niu Er) Beauty Talkshow, Kose

I attended Niu Er Laoshi's beauty talkshow in February this year while he was in Singapore to hold a beauty talkshow and he also introduced to us Kose’s newest whitening product which is the Infinity Kose Realizing White XX (S$148). The theme of this beauty talkshow was about skin whitening and I am really happy to be able to attend this talkshow as you know, I'm always crazy over anything that can make my skin looks fairer and even in tone.
Before Niu Er Laoshi starts the talkshow, he came down from the stage and shook hands with all the audiences. His hand is really smooth, no kidding! I don't know how he managed to make his skin so smooth, I can't even get such smooth skin no matter how much hand cream I use.

Next, he taught us what we can eat to achieve beautiful skin. I took a video of it, so enjoy watching! (I've asked Kose staff that day if I could take a video of the session and she said sure, so now my readers get to watch some parts of the talkshow even if you're unable to be present at the event.) The video is in mandarin so if there are any parts that you are unsure or need translation, feel free to ask me! (^_^)

Niu Er Laoshi taught us that eating Kiwi fruit and Snow fungus can give us better looking skin.
 Snow fungus

Kiwi fruit has very high Vitamin C content, and Snow fungus has natural hyaluronic acid (波尿酸) which has double hydrating effect as compared to artificial hyaluronic acid. Niu Er Laoshi also taught as how to cook Snow fungus, so I'm sharing it here. There are 2 ways you can cook the Snow fungus.
One way: Boil the Snow Fungus followed by adding 10 bowls of water and cook together. 

This is something that you will end up with. You can cook it longer so that the soup turns thick.

Second way is to cook your Snow fungus with other ingredients. Below are the ingredients I've listed out for you. First you cook all the ingredients together (except the Snow fungus), and you will get a yellowish colour soup. You add the soup to the Snow fungus and cook together for 2 to 3 hours, and done! (^_^)

Astragalus root (黄芪),

Codonopsis pilosula (党参),

Red date (红枣),

Cassia seed (决明子)

The soup that you cook will look something like this.

Niu Er Laoshi said that the thick soup that you get after boiling for 2 to 3 hours can be used as essence that you can apply on your face. Take note, your soup has to be sugar free if you are going to apply it on your skin.

Other than Kiwi fruit, other high Vitamin C fruits like orange, cherry, strawberry can be consumed as well. Niu Er Laoshi said eating high Vitamin C fruits can boost skin's collagen formation. If you think Vitamin C pills can give you the same effect, then it's wrong because Niu Er Laoshi said our body can only absorb 10% of Vitamin C from the pills but almost 100% if you get Vitamin C from fruits. So make fruits part of your daily must-have food to achieve better looking skin! (^_^)

Next, Niu Er Laoshi taught as the effective whitening ingredients we have to look out for in whitening products.
Niu Er Laoshi said Koji acid is the best natural whitening ingredient and it is extracted from soy beans. (Please do not eat a lot of soy beans after reading this! Niu Er Laoshi said eating too much soy beans can cause melanin formation, so if you want get whitening effect, please use the extracted form.)

He also taught us the functions of Whitening ingredients: Lighten pigmentation, and also prevent melanin from surfacing on our skin.

Niu Er Laoshi showed us the test that's done to prove that Koji acid has the best whitening effect. The test was done on 2 mushrooms. The mushroom that was applied with Koji acid stayed fresh for the longest.

Koji acid is present in Kose's latest launched whitening product.

Moving on, Niu Er Lao Shi invited some ladies up to the stage to be the models to try Kose products and he also taught us some massaging techniques that we can do to help firm up our skin. (The massages are about the same as what he done in the Nu Ren Wo Zui Da shows, so I didn't take video of it. Sorry!)

Niu Er Laoshi also passed a tube of Kose Exfoliating Massage Gel to the audiences for us to try. I got the chance to try this on my hand, so I'll show you how it works. (^_^)
The colour and texture is almost like Kose White Mask (If you don't know what it is, basically it is a peel mask that you apply on your face and peel off after it dried, and it helps to remove dead skin and blackheads.)

Spread on your skin and keep rubbing gently in circular motions.

Rub rub rub and the colour will gradually turn grey. 

Continue till it turns a lighter grey in colour and you can feel the slight heating sensation. According to Niu Er Laoshi, the heat is supposed to open up your pores and removes all the dirt, blackheads, and whiteheads from your skin.

You just have to rub for about 5 minutes then cleansed off with water. Use room temperature water will do, it doesn't have to be warm water or anything.

After cleansing off the mask, here's my smooth and cleansed skin. The result is immediate. My skin feels much smoother after using the Kose Exfoliating Massage Gel. I like it!

That's about it for Niu Er Laoshi Beauty Talkshow. I've spent an enjoyable 3 hours learning lots of things from Niu Er Laoshi that day. Thank you Kose for bringing Niu Er Laoshi to Singapore for this talkshow and thank you Cozycot for giving me the opportunity to attend this event and see Niu Er Laoshi in real person. A big thank you!!! (^_^)


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    1. Thanks for your compliment. Nope, won't be attending this year.

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