Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Buys from Lush Group Ptd Ltd aka Secretive

I've made my purchase from Lush Group Ptd Ltd aka Secretive recently from their website. The products reached me rather soon and securely wrapped.

I love it how they wrapped the products securely. Other than bubble-wrapping it securely, they even taped the whole package to prevent tearing during the mailing process as you can see from the photos above. Thumbs up for taking care of the details during wrapping.

Ok, what are the stuffs I've bought?

These are my buys, and overall, I am satisfied with the products except for one item.

I am not satisfied with the Jaiya Pure Control Spot because I think they have kept this product for too long. The top of the box had already turned yellowish in colour and the product is lesser than its original amount. I think it is because the water content of this product had evaporated off. There is also no expiry date written on this product and I am not sure whether this product is safe for use or not. I've emailed Lush Group Pte Ltd and hope they will get back to me.

For the rest of the products, I might share my reviews after I've tried them. Thanks for reading. :)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Lush Group Pte Ltd (aka Secretive), Singapore. The products showcased were bought with my own money.

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