Friday, March 11, 2011

Craving for Chocolates Today!

I love chocolates but I don't really eat chocolates frequently unless I really really really crave for it, and I had a strong craving to eat chocolates today! The craving is so strong that it makes me feel uncomfortable, like something is missing in my life without the chocolates. Have you experienced such craving before? (^_^)

I will be sharing photos of the chocolates that I've bought, and at the same time I just want to make you drool! Wahaha... *Evil grin* Hehe!

I bought a box of Guylian chocolates today. Have you heard of a brand called Guylian? Maybe you will be familiar with the Guylian Seashells chocolates? Guylian chocolate is actually a product from Belgium and I remember how much I wanted to buy lots and lots of these chocolates back to Singapore when I went Belgium last year. In the end, I bought 1kg of it back. Haha. These chocolates are really yummy!

This is the Guylian chocolates that I bought today. 'Why buy a box?' Because it's just not satisfying eating a few pieces of chocolate when the craving is so strong. Don't you agree?

But there is always a price to pay to eat chocolates, 47g of fat in my box of chocolates!!!  But... I don't care for today! (^o^)

Let me show you how the chocolates look like.

Lets close up on the chocolates.

Have you drooled? Haha, that's my aim! 

Now, let me show you how the inner part of the chocolate looks like.

Close up!
The chocolate filling tastes really good and yummy!

I really like Guylian chocolates because the chocolaty taste is really strong, plus the size of the chocolate is just nice to be able to put the whole chocolate into my mouth. When the chocolate is in my mouth, the chocolate melts almost immediately, making the whole mouth filled with smooth creamy chocolate. The quality of these chocolates is so good that it makes me feel satisfied. The taste of the chocolate continue to lingers in my mouth after I've finished the chocolates. 

I feel like getting another box of Guylian chocolate when I type this. Haha. I love Guylian chocolates!

My rating for Guylian chocolates: 5/5 (The taste is totally awesome and the price is reasonable too.)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Guylian. 

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