Friday, January 7, 2011

Valentino Retrospective: Past/Present/Future

Valentino exhibition arrived in Singapore!!! I was totally excited when I first heard about this exhibition in Singapore and almost planned to purchase the ticket. BUT! Days before Christmas, I received tickets from L-Officiel for the exhibition! Woohoo!!! Mr. Santa Claus granted my wish to see those Valentino gowns. Thank you L-Officiel! 

And so, I went last week. There are a total of 100 gowns exhibited and it took 1 year of hard work to get the exhibition ready for show. I will share photos of some gowns.This exhibition is ongoing till 13 February 2011, so it is not still too late for you to go and see those luxurious and tasteful Valentino gowns.

Here's the exterior of the exhibition venue. The feeling is just so welcoming. :))

Upon entering, here's the main hall. The first piece that falls into my eyes is definitely the pink dress that was shown on the cover of Valentino brochure and of course, also shown at the exterior of the exhibition venue. Not overlooking the lamp, gorgeous isn't it? It added a touch of classiness to the whole feel. The lighting in the exhibition is rather dim and gowns are placed in transparent cases so as to better preserve those gowns. 

The gowns are displayed according to themes in this exhibition, and I will be sharing some of the themes here. Enjoy! :))

Starting first is the theme on Flowers. Valentino likes to add flowers in his designs to add a touch of femininity. He thinks women should look as beautiful as flowers.

Moving on next, is the theme of White. Valentino's "white collection" was created at the time when fashion was all about bright and intense colours. Valentino definitely knows how to be different from the crowd.
Next, is the theme of Red. This theme displayed the famous Valentino red which is the colour of poppy red.
The photo above shows some of the dresses worn by famous people/actresses but still, that's not all of them. There are many more displayed at the exhibition.

Moving on to the next theme. I forgot what's the name given for this theme at the exhibition but the theme is something related to beads, sequins, rhinestones etc. 

The next theme is the theme on Graphics. The dresses in this theme are mostly in black and white as Valentino once said "A woman dressed in black and white is for me a sort of a sign, a writing, a calligraphy."
Valentino used shapes, lines and patterns to enhance the body features of women.
(Sidetrack a little, the black and white tiles flooring used in the exhibition is inspired by the black and white colours used by Valentino.)

Next, is the theme on Volume. Valentino used the Budellini technique to highlight certain parts of the body by either developing the silhouette or echoing the symmetry of the human form. The waist is always being emphasized.

There are various other themes presented at the exhibition and definitely many more gorgeous dresses and gowns. I will share photos of some pieces that were displayed.

Lastly, let me share the last few pieces designed by Valentino in his career. These pieces combined various of his styles used throughout his career.
Have a close up on the piece above on the left.
Does the diamond shape on this piece makes you think of the design on Chanel handbags? 
It certainly does make me think of Chanel when looking at this piece from far, but when close up, the folding design on it made this Valentino piece totally unique.

Nothing beats seeing them with your own eyes. This exhibition is definitely worth visiting.
You may check out more information about the exhibition here
My rating for the exhibition: 5/5 

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Resort World Sentosa or L'Officiel, Singapore. I am not getting paid for this.


  1. I like the one with rosettes and the one Julia Roberts wore.

  2. I like them too but there are more wonderful, pretty dresses at the exhibition! :))


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