Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mr Curry. Japanese Curry & Sweet House at Marina Square

Dear readers who are looking forward to food reviews on my blog, here's one as promised. Hope you will enjoy reading this. :))

I met up with my friends recently for some catch up and we were walking around Marina Square, finding a place to settle our lunch. If you have been to Marina Square, you will know that there are really a lot of restaurants and a lot of good food there. As we were walking and thinking where should we eat at, we came across this restaurant - Mr Curry and decided to give this Japanese restaurant a try.

Do you know what actually made us decide to have our meals at Mr Curry? Of course, the decoration and ambience of the place won us over. There is another reason too. See the photos below to understand. :))
The whole place feels casual and relaxing especially with wooden flooring, wooden tables and chairs. I like this kind of feeling. And I like this bright-lit place.

The 'food' displayed on their walls look really delicious. The 'food' made us drool!!! 
I purposely made the photo above bigger, so that you can see them clearly.
Do they look yummy to you too? Did the 'food' make wanna drool? Hehe. ^o^

Have a peek at their menu. Their menu is really cute!
Read about Mr Curry above.

If the food you order comes with curry, you can choose the type of curry sauce you want and also the level of spicyness you would like.

The foods in their menu look yummier! There's also a wide range of beverages to choose from.

Want to know what I ordered?
 Ta-dang! This dish is called Katsu Pan Nabe. (This dish doesn't come with a drink. I ordered the tea.)
The curry I ordered is original sauce, spicy curry. I am not a person who can really eat spicy stuffs but I didn't want to order non spicy curry since Japanese curry is always not spicy to begin with, so I can't imagine how the curry would taste like if it is non spicy curry. Maybe it is like powdery curry without much taste? I'm just guessing. Anyway, if you are a person who likes to eat spicy food, maybe you can try their very spicy curry. :)
You see the chilli sauce above? The chilli is sweet, no spicy taste at all.

This dish is very filling as the portion is quite huge. Their curry has cubes of potato and carrot too. The chicken meat tastes chewy and nice. The fries tastes good too as it isn't too hard or too soggy, and not salty too.

My friends ordered rice set and noodle set but I never take pictures of their meals. I never have the habit of taking photos of food and my friends find it weird that I'm snapping pictures of food, so maybe you can look at the yummy food through Mr Curry's menu. (I found this menu from their website but I don't think this is an updated version as there are slight differences from the one I saw at the restaurant.)

That's all I have to share! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed sharing it on my blog. :))

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