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AFC Japan Green Juice With Collagen, 2500mg

Reading the title, I know you will question, what is Green Juice? Make a guess? Let me give some hints. It is something that we can consume, green in colour, something related to plants and it gives us health benefits. Any idea what is it? 

Let me show you the Green Juice in the powder form before turning it to liquid form. :))

Still can't guess what Green Juice is? 


Ok, I won't keep you in suspense anymore. 
Let us welcome AFC Green Juice!

*****Drum rolls*****

 This is the AFC Green Juice I'm talking about! ^ ^  

I’m so thrilled to finally get this, after hearing so much about it! I am also excited to share more about the Green Juice with you. ^ ^ 

Product description (obtained from Lifestream Group's website):
AFC Green Juice is a nutritious blend of Japan’s home grown organic barley grass, organic kale, Shizuoka green tea and hydrolyzed collagen. The unique green blend helps support effective body waste removal while enhancing the absorption of nutrients. Hydrolyzed collagen is added to boost skin turnover for glowing and luminous skin which can be then optimally absorbed by the body. Only premium-grade ingredients as selected to ensure high quality and chemical-free wholesome green food.  

Main ingredients in AFC Green Juice and their functions (obtained from Lifestream Group's website):
1. Organic barley grass --- Rich in vitamin B1, calcium, beta carotene, iron, vitamin C, enzymes, and chlorophyll. It has the highest natural enzyme Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) among all plants and works as powerful antioxidant guarding off attacks of toxic free radicals. It has hight alkalizing property to maintain human blood pH to be slightly alkaline for healthier body disposition. 

2. Shizuoka green tea --- Top quality green tea from Japan, rich in polyphenols (catechins), vitamin C, vitamin B, flavonoids, polysaccharides, fluoride, vitamin E, theanine. Polyphenols function as a potent antioxidant to protect the skin from damage and reduce signs of aging.

3. Organic Kale --- Supplies a wide array of plant amino acids, insoluble fibers, beta carotene, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, selenium, vitamin K. Insoluble fibers facilitate bowel movement and induce waste removal.

4. Hydrolyzed micro-collagen --- Premium grade collagen 1/60 the size of normal collagen. The smaller molecular size contributes to 100% digestive collagen, allowing maximum skin enhancement. 

I would say Organic barley grass, Shizuoka green tea and Organic Kale are really fantastic ingredients as I researched and got to know more about these ingredients. Only AFC Green Juice contains all these ingredients in one blend, making it the only one brand in Singapore with this formula.   

What barley grass and barley grass powder can do (according to 
1. It helps to alkalize the body.
2. It helps in cell DNA repair.
3. Barley grass acts as a free radical scavenger, reducing the amount of free radicals in the blood.
4. It helps in improving skin health and stimulates weight loss.   

For Shizuoka green tea, Shizuoka is the place in Japan that grows green tea plants.  

Health benefits of Shizuoka green tea (obtained from
1. Catechins (main component) in green tea helps to lower blood cholesterol and inhibits increases of blood sugar
2. Strengthens blood vessel walls and improve the health of the heart.
3. High antioxidant. 

Health Benefits of Kale (obtained from 
1. High in fiber, this helps to make your bowel movement regular.
2. Kale contains seven times the beta-carotene of broccoli, carotenoid keep UV rays from damaging the eyes causing cataracts.
3. Kale also contains a powerful phytochemical sulforaphane which helps boost body's detoxification enzymes, thus helping to clear potentially carcinogenic substances more quickly.  

Knowing more about the ingredients in AFC Green Juice, let me share with you more benefits of AFC Green Juice (obtained from Lifestream Group's website):

Mixing the AFC Green Juice powder with water:
The taste of the AFC Green Juice is like a mixture of green tea with vegetable juice with natural sweetness from the ingredients. You know, when I first saw the Green Juice powder, I couldn't resist my curiosity and took a bit of the powder and taste it and surprise! The taste is quite nice because it taste a bit sweet instead of tasting bitter.

I would say that this AFC Green Juice is really good in helping my body to detox. I face constipation problem but after consuming AFC Green Juice, it helped in my bowel movement after consuming it for 2 days and I no longer have constipation after continuous daily consumption. AFC Green Juice works! I promise! Also, if you eat too much, drinking this helps in getting rid of the bloated feeling.Thumbs up!

Best of all, each tablespoon contains 2,500mg micro collagen, important for healthy, beautiful radiant skin. So I get to detox AND have beautiful skin!

(PS: According to Lifestream Group, the Hydrolyzed micro-collagen in AFC Green Juice is a premium grade collagen 1/60 the size of normal collagen and the small molecular size is close to 100% digestive collagen, allowing maximum skin enhancement. I’m looking forward to achieving my beautiful skin!!! ^_^)

I enjoy this drink very much and will continue consuming it. 

My rating: 4.5/5 

Price of this AFC Green Juice:
Lifestream Group is having a promotion and instead of the usual price of SGD$54.21, it is selling at $48.79 (prices before GST) 

Where to purchase:
AFC Green Juice is only available through online or phone purchases. Call 6535 7333 or add item to your shopping cart.  Lifestream Group delivers your purchases to your door step both locally and internationally.

For more info about this AFC Green Juice, you can check out  

For updates of new products and promotions, you may check out AFC's Facebook Fan page at

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to AFC, Singapore. Product was sent to me for reviewing. Review published here is based on my own experience and opinion. I am not getting paid for this.

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