Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tony Moly Singapore Press Conference cum Product Launch

Thank you Tony Moly and Eugene for the media invitation to this wonderful event! 
Here's a short post about what went on at the event. I will post more about this event and details about the new launch Tony Moly products another day. Stay tuned! ^ ^

The event was held at Intercontinental Singapore.

Here's the Emcee of the day.

We started off with a video on how to massage our face when using Tony Moly Floria range (this is one of Tony Moly's new products).
You may watch the full version on Tony Moly's facebook:

And of course, we will have Tony Moly's new ambassador, Mr. Song Joong Ki making his apperance.
(I think my camera is damn cool with this zoom shot.)
Next up is the interview with Mr. Song Joong Ki and introduction of Tony Moly's new products (the new products are the Floria skincare range and Latte Art range. I will blog about these products in another post).

After the interview, we had Mr. Song Joong Ki doing Latte Art.

I apologise if you find the video a bit blurry.
Anyway, enjoy the video!
There are also photos of Mr. Song Joong Ki at the end of the video. ^ ^

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Tony Moly, Singapore. I am not getting paid for publishing this.  

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