Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Review on Bio-essence Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream

Thanks to The Sample Store for providing me with the opportunity to try Bio-essence BB creams and review about them. I'm really excited to try them and now I'm ready to share my review with everyone who reads my blog. Thank you Bio-essence for sponsoring the goodies. :))

As usual, before I provide my review, I would like to share some info about Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream so that you can gain an understanding about the product before I share my thoughts about it. Enjoy reading!

This BB cream got chosen in a HK Fashion and Beauty Magazine survey for being a great BB cream for flawless coverage:

How does this BB cream work as 8-in-1? :

Directions to use it:

What are the efficacies of this product? :

What are the ingredients used in this product? :

How does the opening of this BB cream look like? :

Let me share the swatch of this BB cream and how the shade of the BB cream will look like after spreading, and oxidising.
You will be able to notice that the BB cream looks watery and the shade has a pinkish undertone.

The texture is actually creamy even though it looks watery.

Did you notice that the coverage is really good? Even my veins are hardly visible after applying this BB cream.

Ok, now let me show you how this BB cream works on my face. (Please be warned that a photo of my bare face will be shown and this photo isn't very pleasant to look at, so see it at your risk ^_^)

After I got over my pimply period, my face left quite a number of scars and some red-ish, still in the processing of healing acne marks. I don't always get pimply but once one pimple pops up on my face, there is a high chance that a few more will pop up next. (I think this is might be genetic related.)

Here comes my bare face.
Oops! :x I hope this face did not freak you out. 

With the Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream on.

My thoughts:
If you follow my BB cream reviews, you will know that I love BB creams with pinkish undertone. My skin is rather dull, so pinkish undertone will brighten up my skin and give my skin a healthier glowy look, and this Bio Multi-Effect BB Cream suits my preference. This BB cream has a nice flowery scent. The scent is pleasantly nice and I like it. The coverage of this BB cream is consider good as it helped to even out most of the uneven skin tone. This BB cream comes with SPF 25 which is sufficient for normal sun protection and I can conveniently skip applying sunblock with this. This BB cream is moisturising on skin which caused a slight creamy, sticky feel on skin after application, so it is best to set it with loose powder or compact powder. The downside of this BB cream is that my skin started to shine (shine from oil excretion) after about 4-5 hours.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to The Sample Store and Bio-essence, Singapore. Review published here is based on my own experience and opinion. I am not getting paid for this.

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