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Customised Facial with ATACHE at Allure Beauty Saloon

Thanks to Mistical for the invitation to try a customise facial at Aluure Beauty Saloon. 
I am glad to be able to experience the facial with the use of Atache products and share my review with everyone. 

Brief info about Allure Beauty Saloon:
Allure Beauty Saloon was established in 2002 and they provide a complete range of beauty services to cater to clients' needs. Beauty therapists were trained to listen, consult and advise. Allure Beauty Saloon uses a comprehensive range of products from ATACHE and a wide variety of programs offered to customise suitable beauty services for their clients. 

 When I reached Allure Beauty Saloon, a beauty therapist came over to analyse my skin condition and prescribed a suitable facial treatment to address my concerns. My skin was experiencing breakouts at that moment and I was prescribed with Atache Oily SK treatment.

I am not a stranger to the name "Atache" as I've tried their products before and really like it a lot. 
This time, I got the opportunity to try a range of Atache products customised for my skin condition.

Brief info about Atache:
Atache is a skincare brand based in Alicante, Spain. It is developed by pharmaceutical group ASAC PHARMA, and has more than 30 years experience in the pharmaceutical field with the focus on Dermatology and allergies. ASAC do not experiment with animals, and strive to preserve the environment throughout the manufacturing and packaging process. The product lines are made for specific skin care needs.

Brief info about Atache Oily SK treatment:
Atache Oily SK consists a range of Atache products that contain active ingredients for effective deep cleansing and to balance localised sebaceous secretion. The ingredients aid in healing, anti-inflammation and restoration of skin moisture. Using soothing essential oils, salicylic acid, glycolic acid as well as Shock Serums which contain highly active ingredients concentration, it helps to prepare the skin for better and effective absorption of the purifying mask formulated using Zinc oxide, Menthyl lactate, Allantoin.

After I was prescribed with the treatment that I should undergo, I was led into a room to get changed while my beauty therapist went to get the Atache products.

I love the beautiful lamp along the walkway.

They have different name for each room which I find it really interesting.

Below is how the room looks like. The room is quite spacious with comfortable lighting.
I was given a batik design tube dress to change into. They have different sizes for the dress and my beauty therapist was really alert. She realised that the dress in the room was too big for me and immediately changed a smaller size for me. Thumb up for the service. :))

After I got ready, it's time to start my facial! For this Atache Oily SK treatment, there are a total of 9 steps. I will share the steps below and at the same time, share my thoughts about each step.

Step 1: My beauty therapist cleanse my face and remove all traces of makeup. She also gently exfoliate my skin with a gentle face scrub, leaving my skin thoroughly cleansed.

Step 2: She began the treatment with OILY SK Renewal Therapy which activates regeneration and unblocks the pores. There is a slight prickling feeling when OILY SK Renewal Therapy was applied on my skin as the product worked on softening the top layer of my skin. OILY SK Renewal Therapy helped to eliminate dead cells and prepares the skin for easy absorption of the active ingredient of the OILY SK treatment.

Step 3: After 5-10 minutes, my beauty therapist used a piece of cotton to remove traces of OILY SK Renewal Therapy. After OILY SK Renewal Therapy was removed, I was given a mirror to look at my glowy skin. My skin looked brighter and more radiant. My skin felt much smoother too. I find OILY SK Renewal Therapy really effective in removing all the dead skin cells.

Step 4: Extraction to remove all black and white heads. I find the extraction was less painful, maybe because the OILY SK Renewal Therapy helped to soften my skin and made the removal of black and white heads easier. My therapist is a person who is sensitive and alert of my needs, and when doing extraction, she will inform me beforehand if she thinks that the extraction might hurt a little at certain areas on my face. Her service is really nice. Thumb up! :))

Step 5: Using cold ball together with a serum to soothe the skin and minimize the pores. After extraction, it is normal that the skin will feel pain (the amount of pain depends on how much is being extracted). The cold ball helped to calm my skin and reduced the feeling of pain.

Step 6: OILY SK Shock Serum I or II is applied. The choice of serum depends on individual's skin type.

OILY SK Shock Serum I reduces oiliness, congestion and helps to kill the bacteria in pimples and blackheads.  

OILY SK Shock Serum II targets blackheads and whiteheads and keeps them in control.

Step 7: A purifying mask was applied on my face while a relaxing shoulder and hand massage was performed. I love and enjoyed this part a lot! The purifying mask has a cooling sensation and I was told that it helps to reduce the redness caused by the extraction. The mask will harden after about 5-10 minutes. I enjoyed the shoulder and hand massage as my therapist did really good massages and it was really relaxing and nice. 

Step 8: After about 15 minutes, my beauty therapist removed the mask. My face feel really cleansed and refreshed after the treatment.

Step 9: Finally, my beauty therapist applied some Atache sunblock on my face and neck. The sunblock did not feel too greasy and it took about a minute or two to get fully absorbed into my skin.

Oh! I almost forgot, my beauty therapist helped to shape my brows too. I like my neat, nicely shaped brows! I'm a happy girl after this facial.

OILY SK facial treatment is available at Allure Beauty Saloon at S$280 (excluding GST) per session. It will take 90 minutes, depending on your skin conditions.

Rating: 4.5/5

ALLURE BEAUTY SALOON is located conveniently for your beauty fixes at:
1. Tiong Bahru Plaza #05-04A. Telephone: 6270 8845
2. City Vibe, #02-04A. Telephone: 6779 2242

For more information about Allure Beauty Saloon and their wide range of services offered, please visit

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Allure Beauty Saloon, Singapore. Review published here is based on my own experiences and opinions.

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