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Introducing Tony Moly New Products: Floria and Latte Art Range

Tony Moly Floria and Latte Art range are the two new products that are recently launched in Singapore. Korea actor Song Joong Ki is the ambassador for these products.

Firstly, let me introduce about Tony Moly Floria Product Range. Floria is a mixed word created by combining the Latin word “Floralia” (meaning a flower garden full of fragrant flowers) and Utopia (meaning an ideal place). It means an ideal skin type that can be realised by flowers.
The products in this range catches my attention and I hope I will be able to try them one day.
Read on to understand more about these products. ^-^

In this range, there are 6 products that are currently available in Singapore. They are the Floria Hydra Energy Toner, Floria Hydra Energy Emulsion, Floria Youth Energy Essence, Floria Youth Energy Cream, Floria Youth Energy Eye Cream and Floria Moisture Energy-Skin Emulsion.

What are the functions of Floria Hydra Energy Toner?
 This toner helps to keep skin moist and supple by promoting blood circulation in the skin with the natural extracts in the toner. It also helps to control the dead skin cell turn-over rate to give a clear, soft skin.
Floria Hydra Energy Toner retails at S$42.90 for 155ml in TonyMoly Singapore’s retail outlets.

What are the functions of Floria Hydra Energy Emulsion?
 This emulsion helps to revitalise the skin’s energy and balance the skin’s natural oil and moisture. It increases the healthy turn-over of dead skin cells generated every day, leaving the skin clear and healthy. This Tony Moly’s baby face secret lotion is said to leave your skin baby-soft and refreshed like fresh flower petals.
 Floria Hydra Energy Emulsion retails at S$42.90 for 130ml in TonyMoly Singapore’s retail outlets.

What are the functions of Floria Youth Energy Essence? 
This intensive-moisturising anti-wrinkle essence has vita capsules with hydrating and vitalising substances encapsulated, which melt away and absorb into the skin when applied to the skin. Its nutritious substance forms a strong hydrating layer over the skin to provide firmness and elasticity to the skin.
Floria Youth Energy Essence retails at S$49.90 for 50ml in TonyMoly Singapore’s retail outlets.
What are the functions of Floria Youth Energy Cream? 
The function of this product is for wrinkle-improvement. This rich moisturising cream protects the skin from external stimuli and harmful stress by forming a protective layer over the skin. It gently absorbs into the skin and makes the skin firm and revitalised. 
Floria Youth Energy Cream retails at S$45.90 for 50ml in TonyMoly Singapore’s retail outlets.

What are the functions of Floria Youth Energy Eye Cream? 
 This eye cream forms a moisture skin barrier and balances moisture and fluid in the skin. It also controls various aging phenomena with its strengthened firming, wrinkle-improving, and whitening effects.
 Floria Youth Energy Eye Cream retails at S$49.90 for 30ml in TonyMoly Singapore’s retail outlets.

What are the functions of Floria Moisture Energy-Skin Emulsion?

This product is especially for dry skin. It can also be used as a Hydra Essence Toner. This double-structured skin emulsion has separate layers of liquid and moisturising substance made by applying the latest semi-emulsion processing technology. The highly moisturising and energising effect promotes the circulation of fluid and nutrition filled in the skin, making the skin rejuvenated and firm. It makes the skin moist and supple both inside and out as it strengthens the skin’s natural ability to balance its moisture. 
Floria Moisture Energy-Skin Emulsion retails at S$42.90 for 130ml in TonyMoly Singapore’s retail outlets.

Main Ingredients:

*Stem cell extract of Morning Glory flowers: Potent anti-oxidant function
*Ceramide: Increased moisturising effect for the skin by its ingredient of intercellular fat
*Evening Primrose oil: Moisturising effect
*Auxin: Plant hormone that helps to regenerate cells
*Vita Flower Complex: Helps the skin tone translucence
*Main ingredients are flowers, but they are not extracted from pollen, but from petals, so people who are allergic to pollen can use this product.
*Essence, Eye Cream, and Cream contain a vita flower complex instead of distilled water (dandelion flower, pansy, cherry blossom, chrysanthemum).
Suitable for which skin type:
All Skin Type (Especially for women in their early-20s to mid-30s, the age at which the skin starts ageing)

Order of Use: 
Toner (Skin emulsion) -> Emulsion -> Capsule essence -> Eye cream -> Cream

Now let me introduce the Latte Art Product Range
 I love the unique packaging of these products as they look almost like real Latte and the products even have slight coffee scent.

This range consists of a Latte Art Cappuccino Cream in Scrub and the Latte Art Milk Morning Pack.

Info about Latte Art Cappuccino Cream in Scrub and how it works? :
The TonyMoly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream in Scrub works best for dry and dull skin. The cream quenches the skin with abundant nutrition and yet subtly removing the layer of dead skin cells and impurities from the pores. The non-irritant scrub’s instant heating and colour changing effects are two of its most prominent features. The mask changes in color as it removes toxins and impurities from the skin using self-generated heat
creating a steam towel effect before removing dead skin cells.

Closer look at what's inside:
The AHA substance and scrub grains contained in the milky cream makes the skin smooth and glossy by removing dead skin cells. With its active ingredients of peptide and collagen, it restores skin elasticity and vitality. In addition, the ingredients of caffeine and O2 Carrier Complex contour the face.

Directions to use:
Apply appropriate amount to the skin and gently rub until the color changes. Rinse with lukewarm water.


*Milk Protein Extract (containing 0.1%): Natural hydrating ingredients keep the skin moist.
*Caffeine: Face puffiness-relieving effect by promoting micro-circulation in the skin
*Acetyl hexapeptide-8: Wrinkle controlling effects similar to a Botox injection
*Natural coffee extract: Contains abundant caffeine extracted from coffee seeds

Suitable for which skin type:
All skin types.

Tony Moly Latte Art Cappuccino Cream in Scrub retails at S$29.90 in TonyMoly Singapore’s retail outlets.

Info about Latte Art Milk Morning Pack and how it works? :
 This Morning Pack provides an instantaneous acting effect on an overnight skin. There are 2 different ways to use this Morning Pack. One way is as a Makeup Base Pack which can be used in the morning when skin feels dry and puffy. This makeup base pack is designed to be super fast acting so that it can be used in the busy morning especially when makeup does not apply smoothly. 
The second way is to use as a Facial Mask. There is a creamy milk essence included. The package looks exactly like a milk creamer for a coffee. When the creamy milk essence is added into the Morning pack, it is upgraded to a multi-functional facial mask. The facial mask helps to enhance the skin’s condition improving its ability to take colour makeup, delivering instantaneous effects in 30 seconds; 5 seconds nutritional boost, 10 seconds hydration, and 15 seconds to even the skin’s surface leaving it silky smooth.

Directions to use:
Apply an appropriate amount on cleansed skin, massage on face for 20 seconds, and gently pat the surface for 10 seconds to help the skin absorb the product. After opening the product, add the Latte Art Milk Creamy Essence to the package. Use the tea spoon included in the package to mix the two compounds.


*Caffeine, Tea mixture, Corn silk extract: Facial contour slimming effect
*Black tea extract: Skin moisturizing and glowing effects

Suitable for which skin type:
All skin types.

The TonyMoly Latte Art Morning Pack retails at S$32.90 in TonyMoly Singapore’s retail outlets. 

I've tried the Latte Art Milk Morning Pack on my hand at the Tony Moly Press Conference cum Product launch. Let me share how the product works when applied on the skin.
(I'm sorry that the above photo is slightly blurry.)

While spreading the product on my skin, the product sort of melt and immediately absorbed into my skin after a few rubs. My skin feels like being pumped up and feels much miosturised and smoother after that. The product is very light-weighted and there isn't any greasy or sticky feeling on my skin at all.This product works amazingly. You can try the tester of this product at Tony Mony retail outlets in Singapore.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this post and got to know more about Tony Moly new launch products; the Tony Moly Floria and Latte Art Range.

If you would like to read my earlier posts on the Tony Moly Singapore Press Conference cum Product Launch you may click to read Part 1 and Part 2. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Tony Moly, Singapore. I am not getting paid for publishing this.

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