Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas is Nearing! Celebrate with Boots’ Make Your Own Gift Basket

Send your loved ones personalised gift baskets at Impress and indulge your recipients this Christmas with well loved Boots products thoughtfully selected and carefully assembled in a delightful customised gift basket.

Boots’ Make Your Own Gift Basket feature is a great way to create custom gifts and it comes at no extra cost! Very simply, select products that you (or they) love which you would like to have made into a gift. Add these to your basket as normal and then click on the “Make your own gift” icon conveniently found on any product list or detail page. Click on “Add to basket” to place a gift basket in your order and Boots will take care of the rest.
According to the number of items selected, Boots will match the correct basket size to your order.

As an added treat, you can enjoy up to a 30% discount on all pre-packaged sets.

To receive your gift package before Christmas, please place your order online before 20
December 2010.

Christmas this year is special with customised gift baskets from Boots. Enjoy shopping with Boots! :))

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