Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review on Tony Moly Fresh Aqua Tear Drop Gel Cream

From the name "Tear Drop" of this product, you might have thought that this is an eye cream but this is actually a face moisturiser! :)) I have sufficient supply to use for 2 weeks (apply twice a day) and I decided that I would do a review to share my experience about this product since I have finished using them.

Info about this product (obtained from Tony Moly's website):
An Oil-free refreshing gel cream that provides nutrients to skin with its soft, velvety texture. Experience the cooling sensation and refreshes the skin instantly. Oil-free and sebum-controlling formula works to keep the skin matte. Special water elements and Angel’s Tear extracts provides intensive moisture and creates a firm, hydrating protective barrier against the harmful environment pollutions.

Direction to use:
After essence/serum, apply an appropriate amount onto the skin. As you apply the cream, massage in a circular motion for better absorption.

Let me share the texture of this product:

My thoughts:
This product is in slight bluish gel form that turns into liquid form when rubbing in circular motion. The texture is light-weighted on skin. You just have to spread the gel evenly on skin and tap on skin a little. You will then notice that the product gets absorbed quickly into skin and it does not leave any sticky feeling on skin. It helps to moisturise my skin but if you are looking for brightening effect, this product doesn't do that. (The photos above were taken under different lighting). While applying the product, there is a slight cooling sensation and the scent of this is exactly the same as Laneige water bank eye gel. It leaves my skin feeling smooth after application. I did not experience any negative reaction to this product. ^_^

Let me show you how similar this product is to the Laneige water bank eye gel:
Are you able to guess which is Tony Moly's and which is Laneige's? 

Well, the one on the left is Tony Moly and the right is Laneige. :))
Read on and you will know the difference between the two.

See the texture of both:
The texture of Tony Moly is more watery than Laneige. The texture of Laneige is in slightly greasier texture.

I left both products on my skin for a while (If I remember correctly, I left the products on my skin for about 40 sec) and see which one gets absorbed faster:
You got the answer! It's Tony Moly! ^_^
Tony Moly's one gets totally absorbed into my skin after leaving on skin for about 1 minute but Laneige's one took longer.

Overall: I would prefer Tony Moly to Laneige since Tony Moly worked better on my skin and I also like the lightweight texture of this product.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this review and feel free to ask me anything about this product if you have anything else that you would like to know. ^_^

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Tony Moly, Singapore. Review published here is based on my own experiences and opinions

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