Sunday, November 28, 2010

Review on Eucerin DermoPURIFYER Skincare Products

Thanks to The Sample Store for sending me these products to tryout just when my face is getting pimply. Thank you Eucerin for sponsoring the products. ^_^

Here come my reviews! :))

First product is the Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Cleanser.

Info about this product:

Press the top cap down and this is how you open to use it! ^_^

How the product looks like? : 
Colourless gel form, watery texture.

My thoughts: 
This cleanser lathers well but it isn't a foamy cleanser. This cleanser helps to remove all dirt and makeup from my face with just a single wash which is suitable for people like me who wants a clean face with just one wash. I could feel my face feeling clean after use and it does not make my skin feel tight or dry. My pimples became smaller after use. This cleanser is soap and fragrance free and suitable for people with sensitive skin. 
This cleanser costs $21.20 for 200ml.  

Next is the Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Scrub.

Info about this product:

How the product looks like? : 
  It is in colourless gel form with green lactic acid beads. The beads will break open and dissolve into your skin when you rub gently in circular motions.

See how it works! :
Rub and see it foam up. 
The green beads are gone and small white micro particles formed.

These are the micro particles. They are really fine and did not feel harsh on my skin at all.

All dead skin cells were removed and my skin brightened up.

My thoughts: 
This scrub helps to soften my skin and effectively remove my dead skin cells without any harsh feeling. This scrub works really well on slight damp skin. My skin looked brighter and felt smoother after use. It does not make my skin feel dry after use.
This scrub costs $18.60 for 100ml.
Lastly, it's the Eucerin® DermoPURIFYER Crème Gel.

Info about this product:

How the product looks like? : 
It is a white cream-gel like moisturiser.

See how it works! :
  Rub to spread out the moisturiser. You can see that this moisturiser is a bit watery and easy to spread out.

It gets absorbed easily into my skin and did not leave any glossy look on my skin.

My thoughts: 
 This product looks like a cream, feels like a cream but works like a gel on my skin. There is no sticky or greasy feeling on my skin after it gets fully absorbed into my skin. This product helps to prevent my pimples from getting bigger too. This product worked well on my pimples.
This moisturiser costs $25.70 for 50ml.

Hope you have enjoyed reading my reviews above! ^_^

Here's me with the products that I use daily :
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Additional info for you to know:

There are free samples for you to try these products. 
Click onthe image below to get yours. There will be free postage for these samples.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to The Sample Store or Eucerin. All reviews published here were based on my own experiences and opinions.

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