Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Haul! My Favourite Cleanser and Facial Masks

Yesterday I had the time to step into Guardian and buy some needs.

I've gotten:
1. My favourite cleanser: Simple Facial Wash Gel
 I finished using this cleanser long time ago and switched to another facial wash but I didn't get the same satisfaction as I experienced from using Simple facial wash, so in the end, I decided to switch back to using Simple. I totally adore using this!!! Furthermore, there is a promotion for Simple products now, 20% off! Hurray! ^_^
Anyway, I did a review on this wash last time and if you're interested, you may read it here.

2. My favourite facial masks: Hada Labo masks
My skin is getting ultra dry on the surface recently and I need ultra hydrating products. I tried using other facial masks but the moisturising effect isn't as long-lasting as Hada Labo's. Hada Labo masks work perfectly for my skin making my skin feel supple and hydrated immediately. Well hydrated skin = wrinkle-free. :))

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