Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Review on Talika Lipocils Expert

My 28-days test for Talika Lipocils Expert came to an end. Excited to see the results? ^_^

Oh, if you forgot about Talika, you may read my previous post here.

Ok, let me first show you Talika Lipocils Expert.

Info about Talika Lipocils Expert:


 This is how the applicator looks like:
There is a sponge at the tip to help apply the serum to the roots of the lashes and the brush to apply the serum to every single lashes.

Now let me share with you the results! ^_^

Before using Talika Lipocils Expert: 
I think my lashes are of medium length but I hate it that my lashes are downward sloping because it makes my eyes looks smaller! My lashes also do not have much curl, it is actually quite straight.

My lashes coated with Talika Lipocils Expert:

My thoughts about the serum: 
The serum is in a gel-liquid type which gives a cooling sensation when applying to the roots of my lashes. When the serum got into my eyes, it did not give my eyes much irritation and the feeling was gone really soon. The serum has a scent that reminds me of the mixture of mascara, something floral and a bit of chemical but not to worry, the scent isn't bad at all! :))

After using Talika Lipocils Expert for 28 days:

My thoughts about the results: 
I am amazed with the effectiveness of Talika Lipocils Expert. Although this product did not give me dramatic lashes but it is evident that my lashes became longer, darker and slightly curler than before. I am happy with the results! Yay yay yay!!!! ^_^

Hope you have enjoyed reading this! ^_^

Thank you Talika and Cozycot for introducing this product to me and letting me try it.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Talika Singapore. Review published here is based on my own experiences and opinions. The product was given to me to try/review. I am not getting paid for this.


  1. where can i get this product in singapore and how much is it? :)

    1. Hi dear, you can check out this website ( for the locations that sell Talika products.

      I'm sorry, I forgot the price of this item. You might want to give a call to places that sell Talika products to check?



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