Friday, October 29, 2010

Review on Perfect Clean Face Wash (Pink)

Hi everyone, this review is on the Foaming Cream Wash for Dry/Sensitive Skin (Soothing). 
 I have been using this for weeks but I tend to alternate it with the blue bottle which Foaming Gel Wash for Normal/Combination Skin (Refreshing) depending on how my skin feels for the day. I will share my review on Foaming Gel Wash for Normal/Combination Skin (Refreshing) on the next post.

The ingredients for this product:

My thoughts:
As you can see from the photo above, the wash is actually white creamy colour. The smell of this wash reminds me of the soapy bubbles I played when I was young. 
 I didn't quite like the smell of this wash as I feel that the smell is quite "chemical". This face wash is very foamy and it helps to cleanse my face well without causing any dryness to my skin. My skin had minor reaction to this wash (small bumps formed on my face) when I first used it but after a few times of use, the bumps were gone. I don't know why the bumps formed, so I guessed maybe it's because this cleanser helps to remove the impurities from within my skin? I really don't know. But this cleanser gives my skin the clean and nice feeling after use.

Hope you have enjoyed reading this and find my review useful! ^_^

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