Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review on Boots Mediterranean Almond Wheatgerm & Milk Body Wash

Hello dear readers, here's a review on the Boots Mediterranean Almond Wheatgerm & Milk Body Wash. Before I start the review, I apologise to all my dear readers for the lack of update on this blog over the weekend as I was so so so busy, working like a machine. Sorry lovelies! I promise I will try to fork out time to blog as frequent as I can. :))

Ok, here goes the review! ^_^

For the ingredients of this body wash, you can click here to check out as I've posted it when I was introducing this product. :)

Here's how the body wash looks like:
The body wash is a watery lotion in milky white colour as you can see in the photo above and the scent of it is like those refreshing scent perfume when I smell it initially but when I smell it carefully, I feel that the scent is like a mixture of artificial almond scent and milk (milk scent i.e. those milk facial masks scent). Anyways, I still like the scent a lot coz it smells like perfume on your skin after wash! :)) 

Let me share a photo of my skin after using the body wash:
I feel that this wash kind of work well in moisturising my skin instantly but the moisturised effect does not last long.

My thoughts:
This body wash feels like a normal body wash. It lathers well but it isn't those very foamy kind. It is really easy to wash off the body wash and it does not leave skin with any greasy or uneasy feeling. It leaves a nice scent on skin but it's really sad that the scent isn't long-lasting. This body wash contains milk as one of the ingredients and milk is supposed to help in skin whitening. If you ask me whether there's any whitening effect after using this body wash, I feel that it's hard to say. My skin does looks whitened after the wash but the effect is not something that will last for long. But overall, I quite like this body wash and I enjoy using it. I LOVE the scent very much! Hehe! ^_^

Hope you have enjoyed reading this review and if there's anything else that you would like to know, please feel free to ask me. :))

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Boots. Review published here is base on my own experiences and opinions. I am not getting paid for this.

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