Sunday, October 24, 2010

Review on Biore Makeup Removers (Part 3)

The product in this post is the Biore's new water-based makeup remover. (You may read the Part 1 of my review here and the Part 2 of my review here).

Additional info and ingredients in this product: 

Direction to use:
I used the same makeup as in the previous review. I've applied all the makeup onto my hand. The BB cream has been applied to whole hand.

Here's the process of removing makeup using Biore's new water-based makeup remover. :))
After rinse off:

My thoughts:
This product is able to remove my makeup but for my mascara, I need to gently rub a few times to totally remove my mascara. Some glitters from my makeup still remain. This water-based makeup remover gets totally rinsed off with the use of water easily without the need to use soap and my skin felt really really really soft and smooth after that. I just simply love the feeling of my skin after using this! :)) The scent of this product reminds me of the scent of Johnsons baby lotion. ^_^

That's all for my review on the 3 products and I hope you have enjoyed reading them.

You can get samples of the makeup removers by clicking here.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to The Sample Store or Kao. Review published here is based on my own experiences and opinions. I am not getting paid for this post.

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