Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Everyone! ^_^

It's Halloween! ^_^

To enjoy the Halloween atmosphere, I decided to colour my nails.
(* I'm not good at applying nail polish myself as I don't have stable hands. You will understand when you see the photos. Hehe! ^_^)

Hmm... What colour should I choose?

Dark Purpurish?
 This is Tony Moly nail polish in OC11. Just 2 coats and you will get the perfect colour on your nails.

Or Bright Hot Red?
This is Tony Moly nail polish in OC01. This nail polish colour is very pigmented, just 1 coat and you get the colour nicely on your nails.

In the end I chose to have Bright Hot Red since my sister say this colour looks super hot red and bright. Most suitable for Halloween? Haha. My sister applied the red colour nail polish for me. See how nicely applied it is! Feel so pampered while she do my nails for me. Haha. Thanks sis! :))

Hope you have enjoyed reading this! :)) Tony Moly had arrived in Singapore some time back and it's currently located at Marina Square, #02-151! Yippee!


Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Tony Moly, Singapore. Review published here is based on my own experiences and opinions

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