Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Your Chance to Win S$260 Worth of Prizes!

Wanna know how to win S$260 worth of prizes? 

Here's how:
Click 'Like' for the photo of the plaque designed by my group and you could be one of the voters to walk away with the prizes! It's easy right? So start 'Like'-ing away! ^_^

Here's the design of the plaque done by my group:
Please click here to 'Like' the plaque! :))

If you like my group, please 'Like' my group photo too! :))
Please click here to 'Like' my group photo! :))

Thank you for your support! Good luck! ^_^


  1. Voted for you guys, actually i voted your group's plague before seeing this post already. hehe

  2. Hope you will win. Good luck! :))


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