Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why am I Blogging on AskCLEO?!

I've received a few emails by my lovely readers asking the above question. Haha. Well, don't worry, I am not abandoning my blogspot blog. It's just because I participated in CLEO's beauty blogger contest and managed to be one of the top 10 finalists, and part of the contest actually require me to blog on L'Oreal beauty products on an askCLEO blog, hence the come about of my askCLEO blog. :))

I will update my reviews on my askCLEO blog as frequent as I can. My askCLEO blog link is
You may bookmark my askCLEO blog through the link stated above as the link is really difficult to remember.

There are freebies to be given away too! I don't know what's in the L'Oreal Paris goodie bag but who knows, maybe there will be a HiP product inside?

Oh, by the way, being one of the finalists, I'm being featured in CLEO's magazine. (I'm a person who doesn't like to bring publicity/attention to myself, so this is a rare opportunity that you can see my whole face.)  ^_^

CLEO's magazine this month is also giving free NUXE cleansing water if you buy the magazine at Kinokuniya.

I shall end with the banner of my askCLEO blog. Please support! :))

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