Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Talika Bloggers Event by CozyCot

I am really happy to be invited by Cozycot to Talika's first bloggers event. Thank you Cozycot and Talika for organising this bloggers event and I got to know more about Talika and their products! :))

Firstly, let me share some info about Talika.
 I didn't know 大S uses Talika Lipocils Expert (lash growth serum)! 

We were also introduced to other Talika products but the focus will be on the Lipocils Expert as I will be undergoing 28-days efficancy test to see how it will work on my lashes. 

Let me share some info about the Lipocils Expert which were presented to us at the event.
(*You may click on the images above if you find the words in the images too small to read.)

I will update on how the Lipocils Expert will work on my lashes after the 28-days test. Stay tuned! ^_^

I shall end off with a photo of everyone! ^_^

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