Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review on Yufit Hot Face Shaper Bra

I received these yufit hot face shaper bras from Lush Group for my review some time ago but unlike my usual style, for this time, I did not use this product immediately. Why? Because I am scared!!! The word "hot" makes me feel worried at that time. I was afraid that this product will be too hot on my skin and was afraid of getting negative side effects.

After some time, I overcame my fear and took the courage to give this product a try. After using this product, I am wow-ed by it. I had a great experience using this product and I will raise both of my thumbs up for this product! ^_^ Read on to find out more.
Firstly, allow me to share some info about this face shaper bra. (You may click on the image for larger view.)
I am really happy that the description of this product and the direction of use have been translated into English, making it easier for me to read and understand.
The face shaper bra looks like this when it's out from the package. The face shaper bra was soaked with milky lotion.

Placing the face shaper bra on.
 It fits really well on my chin but there's some loose part. Or is it because I never wear it properly?

There is also a hook to hook it onto my ears, tightening the face shaper bra making it feels like it is firming up my chin.

My thoughts:
At the point of putting on the face shaper bra, my skin started to heat up gradually, the heat intensify slowly. It feels just like putting on a warm facial mask. The heat only intensify to its maximum point and does not intensify anymore after that. The maximum point is bearable for me as the heat is not those hot until you will cry 'ouch' kind. After taking off, I did not see any redness or experience any negative reactions on my skin. This face shaper bra is really effective but I think I have to use it frequently and for a longer period of time to achieve my dream V-shape face. (I have been dreaming to have a V-shape face for a long time!)

Measurements of my chin (measured from center of left ear to center of right ear):
Before use is 24.4cm.
After use is 24.0cm.

Additional info:
How much does it cost?
7 Pieces in 1 box costs S$35.00.

Where to purchase it?
You can get Yufit HOT Face Shaper Bra at John Little departmental Store (Jurong Point, Plaza Singapura), BHG Bishan (Junction8), Hereen (ALT) and

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and find this review useful! ^o^

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Lush Group Singapore, review published here is my own experience and opinion. The product was given to me to try/reviews. I am not getting paid for this.


  1. Can I buy this product online?

  2. Yes, you can purchase this product online at this link:

    Enjoy the product! :)


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