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Review on Boots Mediterranean Bergamot Orange & Olive Body Butter

Boots Mediterranean Bergamot Orange & Olive Body Butter is one of the products in the Boots goodie bag. I started using this body butter on 24 August 2010, using it for 8 days to observe whether there is any change to my skin while using this body butter. I stopped using this body butter on 1 Sept 2010 to observe how long will this body butter be able to last in my skin (I did this test because I know that sometimes people do feel lazy and won't apply body moisturiser for a few days ^.^)

Here's a photo of this Boots Mediterranean Bergamot Orange & Olive Body Butter.

Here's how the inside looks like. Before using, there is actually like a "protective layer" on top which feels slightly harder than the body butter beneath it. When I dig away the top layer, the body butter beneath actually feels very soft and creamy as you can see in the later photo.

When I first smell this body butter from the container, the scent is very refreshing and it reminds me of the usual cucumber scent in those cucumber body moisturiser. But when I apply it onto my skin, the smell actually changes slightly and it smells more like cucumber and olive. The scent is quite pleasant and refreshing, and I like it. The scent lingers on my skin for a whole day but the scent is fainter in the later part of the day.

Let me share a bit about my skin and my thoughts about body moisturisers. I have dry skin, especially at my leg area. I do use body moisturiser but I don't use it frequently because of a few reasons:
1. Most body moisturisers do not give my skin long-lasting moisture.
2. It takes very long to get absorbed hence giving the greasy feeling.
3. It turns sticky on my skin when I perspire.

However, Boots Mediterranean Bergamot Orange & Olive Body Butter is quite different from other body moisturisers I've used before. I will share my thoughts at the later part of my post.

First, let me show you how my skin change as the day goes by. I apply it on my skin twice a day; morning and night, after shower. (Observe how my skin change.) All photo were taken at night to be fair. 

Day 0, before applying the body butter.
 (* The above picture was taken against light and you can see that the lines are much more obvious.)

Day 1, using the body butter for a day.

Day 2

Day 3
  (* The above picture was taken against light. Notice the change compared to Day 0?)

Day 4

Day 5
(* The above picture was taken against light.)

Day 6

Day 7

Day 8

Before and after:

Day 9, stop use.

 Day 10, stop use.
 (* The above picture was taken against light.)

If I stop using, the moisturising effect of this body butter can last for 2 days at most based on my test.

My thoughts:
The texture of this body butter is creamy but it spreads out easily on my skin and absorption is quite fast without leaving any sticky or greasy feeling on my skin. However, I would advise applying this body butter after shower otherwise, it takes longer to be absorbed and you will still feel the greasy feeling on skin. It is different from other body moisturisers that I've used before because Boots body butter gets absorbed faster without leaving the greasy feeling (when use after shower), it does not make my skin feel sticky when I perspire (when using optimal amount) and it provides long-lasting moistuising effect to my skin. I can feel that there is like a "shield" on my skin throughout the day and my skin feels smooth the whole day.

Finally, before I end my post, I would like to share a test which shows that this body butter is creamier in texture and it spreads out easily as compared to other body moisturisers. Can you identify which alphabet is Boots Mediterranean Bergamot Orange & Olive Body Butter? (The test was done on leather coz leather has those lines and it's closer to human's skin.)

It's B! Did you guess it right? ^_^

Hope you have enjoyed reading this and find this review useful! ^_^

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Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Boots. All reviews published here were base on my own experiences and opinions. The product was given to me to try. I am not getting paid for this.

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