Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My First................. Circle Lens! ^_^

It's my first time trying circle lens and I got this from Pinky Paradise. :))

Pinky Paradise really took great effort to wrap everything nicely and seal the items in bubble-wrap envelop.
I opened the envelop and saw this! So sweet and kawaii!!!! I am so surprise that Pinky Paradise took effort to package nicely! Well done! ^_^

Pinky Paradise also wrapped the lens securely with bubble wrap.
There is also an animal lens case. They have many different designs (like elephant, frog, fish, hippo, bear) and different colours for the lens case! :))

The lens I've gotten is Barbie Big DM23 Brown. 
As it is my first time trying, I dare not try other colours as I'm afraid that it might look weird on me, so I chose something that will look more natural on me.

I'm really excited when I popped the lens into my eyes to see the effect. My left eye is with the lens on and my right eye without. See the differences? The lens is really COOL!!!!

Both eyes now. It looks great and natural! I like this lots lots lots lots!!!! ^_^

If you are interested in circle lenses and some other beauty products like Skin79, Dolly Wink etc., you can check out Pinky Paradise website ( They have lots of beauty products at reasonable prices.

I've got more to share! Code my name (yvonne), to get 1 FREE animal lens case PLUS 1 mystery gift with every pair of lens purchase. Purchase 2 pairs will get 2 case and 2 mystery gifts, so on.
A minimum of 1 pair lens purchase in order to enjoy this promotion.

(I am not getting paid and I do not earn anything for sharing this promotion.)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Pinky Paradise. All reviews published here were base on my own opinions. I am not getting paid for doing this post. I do not earn anything for sharing the promotion. 

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