Monday, August 2, 2010

Review on Simple Skincare Range (Part 1)

Hsu Lin and Simple customized a range of Simple skincare products for me to try and I have been using the products for going 3 weeks. Products were sent to me on 13 July 2010 and the courier was arranged by Hsu Lin from Simple. I have been using the products since then. Thank you Hsu Lin and Simple for letting me use and review these products. :))

I would like to share the goodness of Simple skincare products. This is my first time using skincare products from Simple.

Introduction to Simple:
Simple has been making skincare products for 50 years and their products are formulated with the finest and purest quality, no harsh chemicals, no perfume and colour. Simple is suitable for all skin types even for sensitive skin.

Product Philosophy:

Info on my skin condition:
I have oily T-zone and dry cheeks but my cheeks get blackheads easily and have breakouts occasionally. My pores are medium size. My skin gets quite irritated when it gets into contact with dust, forming bumps on my face. I think this is maybe due to sensitivity of my skin. My skin also gets tan easily instead of getting sunburn.

First product to review is the Simple Refreshing Facial Wash Gel. (Photos of all products are taken before use so that you could see the original form of everything in nice and good condition! :) )
 This facial wash is in a colourless, gel form.

- It foams up easily and works awesomely on my skin. This is the best cleanser that I have tried. I swear!
- It is able to remove all the dirt and oil from my skin without causing any dryness or harsh feeling to my skin.
- There is no fragrance, no harsh chemicals and no colouration in this facial wash, most suitable for my sensitive skin.
- My skin felt refreshed and my pores were well cleansed after use.
- There is a moisturized feeling on my skin after use and the feeling is really good!
- My skin looks radiant everytime after using this facial wash.
- I love the way my skin feel and look everytime after using this facial wash.
- Totally awesome product! I did not experience any redness or breakout or any other negative reactions after using it.


Price and additional info:

My rating: 5/5 
(Results are based on my skin and may vary for different users of different skin type. I would advise readers to consult Dr. Shiau ( to find a suitable facial wash for your skin type.)

My next review is the Simple Soothing Facial Toner.
 This toner is colourless. This is the amount of toner I use for my whole face each time.
This is how the opening looks like. It is very easy to pour out the toner with some gentle shake with the opening facing down.

- I love the Chamomile scent. It's very nice and soothing whenever I smell it. The Chamomile scent comes from natural plant extract.
- This toner is 100% alcohol free.
- It helps to soften my upper skin layer and is able to remove dead skin cells. My skin looks more radiant after some time of use.
- No tingling feeling, redness, breakout or other negative reactions experienced after use.
- Lesser blackheads formed after use.
- There was once I went for facial extraction and returned home with sores and redness. This toner managed to calm my skin and reduce the sores and redness of my skin. Thumbs up!
On my first use, my skin felt a bit tight but after using for a few days, I find that this toner is actually very gentle and it did provide the moisturising effect to my skin.
My rating: 5/5 
(Results may vary for people of different skin type).

My next review is the Simple Hydrating Light Moisturiser.
 I think it is cute that they put 'Not perfumed. Not coloured' on the rim. The opening of this moisturiser is the same as the toner. This moistuiser is in cream form that is easy to squeeze out from the bottle.
This is the colour and texture of the moisturiser. The moisturiser looks creamy but actually it is a bit of a gel form

- It feels very light on my skin and not greasy at all.
- It gets absorbed very easily into my skin and my skin feels smooth after applying the moisturiser.
- It does not make my face shine even at the end of the day.
- It does not clog my pores.
- I did not experience any redness, breakout or other negative reactions after use.

I don't feel that the moisturiser can last a whole day if I sit in the air-con room and my skin feels a bit dry after about 4 hours in the air-con room. However, this moisturiser works well under normal condition without the air-con.

Price and additional info:
 My rating: 3.5/5
(I gave only 3.5 because this moisturiser cannot give me long-lasting moisture under air-con.)

My next review is the Simple Sun Sensitive Protecting Facial Hydrolotion.
It is in a white, creamy form. This lotion is slightly creamier than the moisturiser and it makes my skin looks glossy at first. The gloss will be gone after about 10 mins as the sunblock is absorbed into my skin. This is the amount I use, about half a teaspoon.

- It has the same smell as other normal sunblocks.
- Although it is slightly creamier than the moisturiser above, I still feel that it is light enough as it doesn't clog my pores and does not give me breakout.
- I am happy that this lotion does not feel greasy or thick when it is at SPF 50. Awesome! :)
- I never experience any negative reaction from this product.


Price and additional info:
My rating: 4/5

I love the idea that Simple state at the back of all products to recycle empty tubes and bottles. Thumbs up for being environment friendly! Check out Simple's website ( to know more about Simple and their products.

I decided to break into 2 posts coz otherwise this review post will be too long.
Stay tuned for my reviews on the next 3 skincare products! ^o^ 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Simple . All reviews published here were base on my own opinions and experiences. 


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