Sunday, August 22, 2010

Review on Elishacoy Organic Facial Essence Mask

I received a mail in my letterbox some time ago from Lush Group Pte Ltd. I know some of you would already know what's inside. ^_^

Revealing what's inside! :))

Let me share some info about Elishacoy's mask.
(* This photo was taken after I've used the mask.)
The types of mask and their purposes.

The mask I'm going to review is the Aloe & Lavender mask.

Mask and relax time! See lots of essence inside! :))

I hope you are not shocked by this photo! Eeek!!!! o_O

Here's my skin before (left side) and after (right side) putting on the mask. Those marks in red are the aftermath of acne (the redness always take very long to be gone. Haiz...). I know my bare face is scary! Sorry for scaring you again! O_o

My thoughts:
The mask sheet is actually quite thin and I find it difficult to open up the mask since there is no plastic sheet inside. The whole mask was soaked with essence since one mask contains 25g of essence but luckily there's no dripping and it's not messy using it. There is a cooling sensation when the mask is on and I can feel my skin happily absorbing all the essence. From the above photo, you will be able to see that after using the mask, my skin looks slightly more radiant and moisturised. My skin also feels softer and smoother after use. Awesome experience using this mask and awesome feeling of my skin after use.

How much does it cost?
5 Pieces in one box costs S$22.90.

Where to purchase it?
You can get Elishacoy masks at John Little departmental Store &

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and find this review useful! ^o^

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Lush Group Singapore, all reviews published here were base on my own experiences and opinions. The products were given to me to try/reviews. I am not getting paid for this.

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