Saturday, August 7, 2010

Review on ACNES Medicated 3 Steps Skincare Products

Firstly, I would like to thank Fr3b and Mentholatum for the products. Thank you! :)

I always love to tryout skincare products but this time, this review for ACNES products won't be on my skin because the products stated that it's for oily skin. I dare not use products for oily skin now since my skin changed from combination type to dry combination type, so this time, I let my younger sister used the products and share her skincare experience. My job is to observe whether there's any change on her skin. Heehee :))

My sister's skin condition: Her skin is combination type and especially oily on her T-zone areas. She's still undergoing puberty stage, so breakouts on her skin is very frequent. I mean it, VERY FREQUENT.

Ok, here's the products for review.
From L to R: ACNES Medicated Sealing Jell, ACNES Medicated Creamy Wash, ACNES Medicated Powder Lotion.

First to review is the ACNES Medicated Creamy Wash. Here's some info about the wash and the ingredients of this wash:

And as the name describes, this wash is creamy, foamy type. My sister loves using foamy wash coz she said that foamy wash makes her feel that her skin is clean after use.

Ok, the review below is written by my sister but I make her follow my format. Haha! :p

- Managed to remove sebum on my skin and my skin feels clean and refresh after use.
- Has a lime scent that smells like lime candy. I love the scent.
- My acnes became much smaller after using for a week and no new breakouts on my face yet.
- No negative side effect.

- None.

Next to review is the ACNES Medicated Powder Lotion. Here's some info about the lotion and the ingredients of this lotion:

The lotion contains oil control powder. Let us see the before and after of the powder in the bottle.

Before shake:
After shake:

Here's how the lotion looks like when you pour it out:
Chalky lotion.

- It absorbs excess sebum from my skin and my skin can stay oil-free for longer hours.
- The acnes on my chin and forehead reduced in size after I've used this.
- The alcohol content did not cause my skin to feel dry. It just gives a cooling feeling on my skin.
- No negative side effects or any new breakout yet.

- Just the smell. I don't know how to describe but it smells like alcohol, like eye drop, like medicine.Luckily the smell is not very strong and it is still bearable.

Last to review is the ACNES Medicated Sealing Jell. Here's some info about the sealing jell and the ingredients of this sealing jell:

Here's how the sealing jell looks like:
The texture is like a cream but it's not those thick creamy type.

- It has anti-bacteria effect. I applied it on a small pimple that has pus for 2 consecutive days and the pimple healed after that without leaving any scar. I also applied on those acne bumps (those no pus type but hurts when you touch it) and the acne bumps reduced in size after using for 1 day but it takes much longer time to be gone totally.
- No side effects experienced.

- After applying on my acne bumps for a few days, I can feel that the top layer of my skin starts to dry up. I don't know whether such situation is good or not.
- Do not apply on pimples if you squeezed the pimples coz there's a tingling and a bit pain feeling.

Overall, I saw my sister's skin condition improved after she uses ACNES 3 Steps Skincare Products. Now I understand why ACNES products are the #1 top selling medicated skincare in Japan. I hope my sister's skin can be acne-free and have skin as good as those Japanese girls soon.

If you would like to receive Free ACNES Medicated 3 Steps Sample Kit, You can click on the image below. The samples will be mailed to you free of charge. Enjoy your samples! :)

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