Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Refresh Scalp Therapy at Phyto Hair Spa by REVAMP

I would like to share my experience while trying the Refresh Scalp Therapy which I have won from Her I went for my session at Phyto Hair Spa by REVAMP at Ngee Ann City.

When I got there, I was sent to scan my scalp to check the condition of my scalp.

Here are some photos of my scalp. The consultant scanned my crown, back, left and right.
*Unhealthy hair means hair is too thin and lack of nutrients.

Here are the images of my scalp taken from 4 sides (crown, back, left and right).
The consultant told me that my scalp is generally still quite healthy as the hair follicles are open so my hair can take in the nutrients but she asked me whether I have hair fall problem. I was surprised that she could tell, so I asked her how she knows that? She told me that looking from the last 2 images, the images showed that my hair follicles are quite far apart, so it means the hairs in those gap had fallen. My worry sank in again: Will I go bald one day? The consultant told me not to worry if I take really good care of my scalp as this can help my hair to grow out healthily. Oh, and do you know that a person with healthy scalp is suppose to have 3 to 5 strands of hair in each follicle? Mine has only 1 to 3 strands in each follicle :(

After the scan, I was brought into a room to start my scalp therapy! :) The room is really cozy with dimmed lights and candles (unscented) to give the comfortable, relax feeling. I was led to a seat which is actually a massage chair and in front of me is a 15" LCD TV for me to watch movie while doing the therapy. You can choose the movie from a file and the staff will insert the DVD for you. Each customer has his/her own TV and a earpiece and the sound won't disturb other customers. The staff will wipe the earpiece with alcohol wipe before handing the earpiece to you. 
(I was informed not to share photos of how the interior of the room looks like. Sorry about it.)

Oh ya, I forgot to mention that they will also serve you drink while you are in the room. There are coffee, tea and honey lemon to choose from. I chose honey lemon and the drink is really refreshing and soothing for my throat. The drink is not diluted and I do not think that it is made of artificial flavouring.

Time to start the therapy! The therapist applied something followed by another something onto my scalp. (I used 'something' coz I forgot what they are.) Anyway, the feeling is really icy and cooling like ice water. Next, the therapist massaged my head so that what she applied can be absorbed into my scalp quickly and also to boost blood circulation. The therapist massaged my neck too. The feeling is really GOOD! :)) 

Next is giving my scalp oxygen time! See my big cap! :))
The feeling is really cooling.

After I'm done with the oxygen thing, the therapist came back and massage my head again and she asked me to choose a lotion: refreshing, soothing or anti-oxidant. I chose anti-oxidant and she used the lotion to massage my neck, shoulders, back, arms and hands. I was having the massage while sitting! LOL.

Next, I was brought to wash and shampoo my hair followed by blow dry. The whole refresh scalp therapy session came to an end and the consultant did a scalp scan for me again and you can see that my scalp is really clean now and the hair follicles opened up a lot! ^_^

The whole session was really relaxing and nice, and I enjoyed it lots. I really like the comfort feeling when I stepped into the room that was used to carry out my therapy session. I would definitely return for more sessions if only the rate is lower. Each session cost S$166 after discount and this price is really consider too expensive for me.

Nevertheless, I hope you have enjoyed reading this. :))

PS: My giveaway will begin tomorrow, 1 September 2010, so stay tuned on my site! ^_^

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated to Phyto Hair Spa by REVAMP. I am not getting paid for doing this post.

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