Sunday, August 8, 2010

My New Hair Colour! :))

It's time for for a new hair colour and I decided to try out Hoyu's Bigen Prominous Milky in Light Copper Blonde (8-34).

Here's the colour displayed for Light Copper Blonde. Although the colour turned out different on my hair but I still like my new hair colour very much. The colour results vary depending on natural hair colour and the developing time.

Here's my initial hair colour before using the hair colour.
Without Flash

With Flash

Here's my new hair colour.
Without Flash

With Flash
I think the colour is actually very nice and it suits me! :))

This is the hair colour that I used. This is the new package and design for Bigen Prominous Milky.

This new product has 5 new ingredients to increase shine and condition hair while colouring to bring out the natural shine of hair for smooth colour result. (You may click on the image for clearer view.)

Here's the ingredients.

Contents in the kit.

There is something that I really like and I want to share! :))
The instructions come with graphics, so it's really easy to understand how to use the product. The pair of hand gloves is attached to the instruction sheet.

Let's start the colouring!

Use the box to hold the bottle of Cream Developer. (My brain register the smell of it to be like antiseptic cream. Haha.)

Use the cream colorant and squeeze into the bottle.

Shake and mix the mixture.

Squeeze the bottle and the mixture comes out and just comb through your hair. It's very easy to use! There is a pungent ammonia smell and a bit of floral smell. The smell combination is kind of weird but luckily it is still bearable. After rinse off, the floral smell remains but not the pungent smell, so it's good.

Comb to all part of hair and let the colour develop.

Last step! Rinse off with warm water, shampoo and condition hair. When I rinse my hair, I can feel my hair feels very soft and smooth! I love the feeling of my hair! :))

End result: 

It also managed to colour to the roots of my hair. Awesome! ^0^

Other colours available:

Price of this product: S$18.95. There is a current promotion of free hair limited edition mini flat iron. There is only one colour for the mini flat iron, in sweet PINK!!! (Awww...... The pink colour melts my heart.)

Where to purchase it:
Leading supermarkets and pharmacies like Watsons.

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