Friday, August 13, 2010

I've Won Something!

Lady luck has been smiling at me recently and I managed to win 2 giveaways on Facebook. :))

The first is a Sun Candle giveaway by a company called Sunflower through CHIC. Sunflower reopens it's store in a new location on 8 August and they are giving away 20 Sun Candle to people whose birthday falls near this date and I'm lucky to be one of the 20.

If you are puzzled about what's Sun Candle, you have the answer now. :)

Yes, it's an LED candle and it works through sensor. You blow it once to light it up and then blow a second time to turn off the light. I like it very much and I put it beside my bed which I use as my night torch to light up my path at night.

The second is a Laurier sanitary pouch. It's so pretty! Now I have a new one. Yippee! :))

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