Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Issey Miyake Find Your Perfect Scent Event

Thanks to STYLE and Issey Miyake for the invitation to this event held at Hilton Hotel.

For the start of the event, we have Guest Host Issey Miyake Parfums’ international training manager, Mr. Danny Ventura to introduce to us about Issey Miyake's style, which is related to nature and environment as the theme. See the jacket that he's wearing, it's actually made up of 7 green shades that's found in the forest.

Next we were given a booklet consisting of 20 questions that will help us find our perfect scent.
(*the lighting is different for the 2 photos above, hence the colour turned out differently.)

While answering the questionnaire, we were served with yummylicious food and drinks and there's fashion show showcasing Issey Miyake clothes.

After we were done with the questionnaire, we got to wait for our turns to have one-to-one consultation session with Mr. Danny Ventura to find what's our perfect scent. It was a long wait to have the consultation with him because he spent about 10-15mins on each guest and there were 25 invited guests. It was a long wait but I think it's worth it because he's really brilliant.
See the number of bottles of scent oil on his desk! Each bottle contains different scent and one must have really sharp nose to be able to distinguish all the different scents. I'm impressed! :)

At the end of the consultation with Mr. Danny Ventura, the scent he picked for me is something earthy, a bit woody and with floral scent. He really spot-on on the scent that I like! I'm a person who likes green and nature, and the smell of nature really appeals a lot to me.

I had a totally awesome experience with Mr. Danny Ventura although the waiting time for the consultation is really quite long. Nevertheless, thank you STYLE and Issey Miyake for organising such a event to let me know more about Issey Miyake and finding my perfect scent. Thank you! :))

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